Trendy celebrity clothing

Aug 26 2009 3:41 PM

Gossip Girl Makeover: Clean Cut Chuck!

Hit TV show Gossip Girl is filming scenes for the latest season on the streets of New York this week as usual and we spotted one of our favourite characters looking totally different from usual...

Aug 25 2009 5:01 PM

Lauren Conrad VS. Whitney Port!

Both these two reality TV stars began their rise to fame on the hit TV show The Hills and they are the best of friends, but when it comes to fashion they have always been rivals...

Aug 24 2009 3:54 PM

Style Tip: Pretty in Pink!

What better way to feel feminine and pretty than to dress in the girliest colour of them all...

Aug 23 2009 10:09 PM

This Weeks 9 Best Dressed Celebrities!

This has been a good week with lots of nice fashion pics...

Aug 20 2009 4:22 PM

Do You like Emma Watson´s style?!

Emma Watson has become a real IT girl in the last few months...

Aug 18 2009 10:12 PM

Sienna Miller's New York Look: Hit or Miss?

British actress Sienna Miller was on her way to a business appointment in New York yesterday when we spotted her in this summery outfit...

Aug 18 2009 5:17 PM

Style Tip: Leopard pattern!

If you are a fan of vintage clothing, or just a fashion lover, you already know that leopard print is classic favourite for adding some spice and drama to any outfit...

Aug 16 2009 3:42 PM

This Weeks 9 Best Dressed Celebrities!

We've seen sooo many nice dresses this past week...

Aug 14 2009 2:55 PM

Style Tip: Apricot!

Summer is all about having fun with colours, so why not go bright and sunny, with a shades of apricot and orange, a colour that will take you into Autumn perfectly as well...

Aug 13 2009 8:39 PM

Vanessa Hudgens is a Funky "Ecko" Girl!

Vanessa Hudgens is the new face of Trendy brand Eckored...