Allmost all the trends starts in Hollywood. The hottest trends you find among celebs. Many celebs are very trendy. Have a look!
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The Purple Factor: Who Looks Best In Violet Hue?

Sunday 12:12 PM, 22/04/2012
Katy Perry, Kelly Osbourne and Nicki Minaj are all fond of colorful hues and are rocking the new style-conscious and edgy "purple hair" trend! The trend is spreading rapidly among our favorite celebrities and we're stoked to see who else will be soon rocking the violet hue! Who you think looks best in purple hair? Cast your vote in the poll below and tell us what you think!


Who looks best in purple hair?

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Weekend Fashion Inspiration: Audrina Patridge!

Friday 9:12 PM, 20/04/2012
The weekend is just around the corner and we're excited as always! Today we're inspired by Audrina Patridge, we'd love to dress just like her! We're very into bright colors, cute shorts and colorful lipsticks right now- and so is she! Check out the pics and get some great weekend clothing inspiration from reality star Audrina!
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10 Young (Hot!) Super Stylish Hollywood Men!

Thursday 7:04 PM, 12/04/2012
Ryan Kwanten is both hot and stylish! Chace Crawford in a cool chestnut leather jacket. Taylor Lautner knows how to look hot on the red carpet. We love Daniel Radcliffe's cute tie! Such a cool detail! Penn Badgley. Zac Efron is a head turner. The jacket, the hat, the shoes - we love it all, Bruno Mars! Darren Criss in a cool outfit. Liam Hemsworth is both handsome and trendy!
They're young, they're famous and they're super trendy! We're talking about our favorite young Hollywood hotties, that not only look very good - they dress very well too! Click on the pics and see our favorite super stylish men like Ed Westwick and Bruno Mars. They won't disappoint you!
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Celebrity Color Trend! Feeling (Very!) Blue!

Tuesday 9:03 PM, 10/04/2012
Penelope Cruz in a perfect midnight blue velvet dress. Gala queen Uma Thurman. Fearne Cotton. All eyes on Katie Holmes's beautiful blue gown. Katy Perry is all blue. We don't like AnnaSophia Robb's oversized sweater but the color is so cool! Kristen Stewart in the perfect summer dress. Eva Mendes is beautiful. Khloe Kardashian is a big fan of cornflower blue.
We've seen a huge color trend coming up this season and celebrities like Ashley Tisdale and Kristen Stewart are already following it. Cornflower blue is hot! Bags, dresses, shoes - this deep blue color will be seen on everything this summer! So who's feeling blue? Click on the pics and find out!
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Celebrity Trend Alert! Geek Chic In Glasses!

Wednesday 9:16 PM, 04/04/2012
Hayden Panettiere is out shopping for a new pair of glasses. Selena Gomez. Hollywood hottie, Bradley Cooper, is one of many cool nerds! Brad Pitt in his dark spectacles. Justin Bieber looks more grown up with glasses. Lady Gaga. Would you wear her crazy spectacles? Jennifer Aniston wears her pair of glasses on her head. Johnny Depp is so hot! Sandra Bullock is rarely seen without her spectacles.
Having bad eyesight has never been more trendy! Big nerdy glasses or small elegant spectacles? We love them all, and celebrities dotoo. A-Listers like Jennifer Garner and Johnny Depp are rarely seen without their cool glasses. Click on the pics and see them all!
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Celebrity Spring Trend: Neon-Alicious!

Thursday 7:03 PM, 29/03/2012
Tyra Banks in a cool color. Sarah Jessica Parker is the definition of fresh. Always so trendy, Victoria Beckham. We don't like your dress but we love the colors, Jessica Alba! Lady Gaga never surprises anyone with her outfits anymore. We want your whole outfit, Nikki Reed! Hot in red, Vanessa Hudgens. Blue, bluer, Katy Perry. Heidi Klum in a little yellow dress.
Are you a big fan of the new neon trend? We really dig it! We love to stand out from the crowd, just like Sarah Jessica Parker and Nikki Reed. Do you want to be a part of the rainbow this spring? Click on the pics and get some great inspiration!
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