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Kate Moss stays away from the partying!

Sunday 1:06 PM, 24/08/2008
Looking rather smart!
We acn spot her mini me in the background!
Kate Moss, her daughter and Jamie Hince were pictured leaving Miss Moss?s London home yesterday! Kate looked very chic in her tweed jacket and jeans and her mini me kept herself in the background but looked just as pretty! Kate has had quite an eventful summer with lots of partying so it?s nice to see that she is back in her everyday life, taking care of her daughter!
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Cool guy

"Don't shoot!" Liam Gallagher surrender!

Friday 6:52 PM, 22/08/2008
Shot me! I give up!
Liam Gallagher and his girlfriend Nicole Appleton joke about with the paparazzi as they leave Scotts restaurant in London. The Oasis singer put his hands up, as the photographers shot him.
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What's wrong?

Kate Hudson wants Owen Wilson back!

Thursday 12:16 PM, 21/08/2008
Tierd? Not so much if you compare to Paris Hilton Cool Ring! Ryder
A sleepy-looking Kate Hudson touches down at Heathrow Airport in London after flying in from Los Angeles. She is wearing an R pendant around her neck, presumably in honor of her son Ryder. Kate who recently split from champion cyclist Lance Armstrong, is reportedly trying to rekindle her romance with Owen Wilson.
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Keira Knightley needs help to get into the car!

Wednesday 8:05 PM, 20/08/2008
left foot, right foot, left foot Focus!
Keira Knightley and Rupert Friend leave the restaurant Scotts in Mayfair. Keira looks really trendy in her chino pants, the tomboy style fits her. She seemed to have trouble focusing and needed some support when she walked to the car so she wouldn't trip. We think that skinny Keira had a little bit too much to drink!
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Is Ashley Tisdale addicted?

Tuesday 8:10 PM, 19/08/2008
The High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale makes her daily pilgrimage to The Coffee Bean. She looks so pretty in a simple dress and cool Indian shoes. It is not often we se Ashley without a coffee in her hand, does she know you can get addicted?
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Madonnas 50th Birthday Party!

Sunday 9:08 PM, 17/08/2008
Beautiful couple! Lots of people wanted to take a look at the star! They look really happy!
Madonna and Guy Ritchie are happily posing for the cameras when arriving at the Volstead Nightclub in London last night! This is where Madonna was celebrating her 50th birthday, along with her friends and family. She was glowing and looking fabulous in black and gold. Guy was by her side most of the night and they looked happy and in love! He was looking very smart in a grey suit, they are what we call a good-looking couple!
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