Tori Spelling

16 May 1973, Los Angeles, USA
41 years

Jamie Walters, Jason Priestley, Jean-Claude Van Damm, Brian Austin Green, Patrick Muldoon, Dean McDermott,
Tori Spelling played Donna on her father's hit TV-show Beverly Hills 90210. Has a small rose tattooed on her left ankle. Had a nose job after a parrot bit it. She has one child with her husband and another on the way.
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Street Style: Celebrity summer fashion!

Friday 10:00 PM, 16/07/2010
Tori Spelling in a super cute printed dress! Ashley Greene does wonders with black leather! Kate Moss looking stylish yet effortless as usual! Stella McCartney in a simple black summer-night outfit! Jessica Alba looks effortlessly chic! Amanda Seyfrieds stripey flannel shirt looks great with her matching Chanel bag! Emma Watson is great with accessorizing, the leopard belt is fab! We're loving Sienna Millers nude leather shorts! Supermodel Jessica Stam wore a stylish & unique outfit when out shopping at Celine! Peaches Geldof looked peachy in a floral mini dress!
When summer comes our favorite celebs throws on their to-die for dresses, stylish sunglasses, vintage denim shorts and hit the streets! Luckily for us, it provides us with some serious fashion inspiration! Which one of these summery outfits do you like the most?


Which celebrity got the best summer look?

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Liam McDermott is A Trooper!

Saturday 7:59 PM, 10/07/2010
When noone else wanted to have lunch with Tori Spelling yesterday she had to force her son to come with her! Little Liam McDermott didn't even have time to change out of his pyjamas before his mom scooped him up and brought him to Encino to have her hair done and then pick up a quick lunch. Liam didn't mind though, he's more than happy to be there for his mom!
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Tori Spelling "Why I'm so Skinny..."

Friday 7:02 AM, 18/06/2010
warning: migraines can make you skinny - NOT! Signing for fans
People have been talking about Tori Spelling's tiny and think body for years. A lot of media have said she suffers from some kind of eating disorder. But now Tori is finally ready to talk about it. She launched her latest book "Uncharted TerriTori" this week and in the book she opens up about her private life a lot! Tori explains her skinny body like this: "I've never had a great stomach, but [being sick] just completely tore up my stomach and broke down my immune system, and I've basically just been a mess ever since, stomach-wise,". Tori also says that she suffers from migraines and had the swine flu last year, all things that haven't helped her. So we hope once she is healthier again, she will gain some extra pounds!
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Who Wore It Best - Taylor or Tori?

Thursday 1:11 PM, 15/04/2010
Country singer Taylor Swift wore her adorable Urban Outfitters dress while enjoying the sunshine in the Bahamas and wore it with her signature look - the hairband! Tori Spelling wore the same dress in NYC this week and paired it with a belt and matching sandals. Who do you think wore it best?


Who wore it best?

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Crazy for shopping

Tori Spelling Teaches Her Kids to Shop!

Monday 1:09 AM, 22/02/2010
Stella McDermott, Liam McDermott and Dean McDermott Dean McDermott
You might as well teach them to shop while they're young! At least that seems to be Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's opinion on the matter! The couple was spotted shopping at Kitson Kids on Robertson Boulevard in LA the other day with their two kids Stella and Liam and though they looked happy as they left the stores with a bunch of shopping bags we're guessing their wallets took quite a hit!
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Love birds

Celebrity Love: Quickie Engagements!

Sunday 12:31 PM, 14/02/2010
Britney Spears & Kevin Federline engaged after 3 months Tommy Lee & Pamela Anderson engaged after 96 hours! Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey engaged after 1 month Peaches Geldof & Max Drummey engaged after 1 month Alex Reid & Jordan engaged after 6 months Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez engaged after 6 months Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott engaged after 3 months Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes engaged after 2 and a half months Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson 14 months
In Hollywood things seem to go super fast, just like in the movies, so its not surprising that when many celebs fall in love, everything happens really fast too! Some Hollywood couples have met, gotten engaged, been married and even gotten pregnant all in one month! We think its kind of romantic in a crazy way, so on Valentine's Day, here is a reminder of some celeb couples who had real quickie engagements. Some of the relationships didn't last of course like Britney Spears & Kevin Federline, some are still going strong like Rachel Bilson Hayden Christensen and others are brand new like Katy Perry and Rusell Brand. Vote for your favourite quickie couple!


Who are your favourites?

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