Tori Spelling

16 May 1973, Los Angeles, USA
41 years

Jamie Walters, Jason Priestley, Jean-Claude Van Damm, Brian Austin Green, Patrick Muldoon, Dean McDermott,
Tori Spelling played Donna on her father's hit TV-show Beverly Hills 90210. Has a small rose tattooed on her left ankle. Had a nose job after a parrot bit it. She has one child with her husband and another on the way.
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Stuck In The 90's! Celebrity Fashion Disasters!

Thursday 9:04 PM, 19/04/2012
2. Katie Price gives us flashbacks from the 90's. In a very, very bad way. 3. Pamela Anderson must've forgotten her pants at home. 4. Tori Spelling has never been one of our fashion favorites. 5. Snooki might be the new queen of trash. 6. Phoebe Price (why is she even famous?) makes a weird fashion statement. 7. Avril Lavigne's style today is even worse than when she sang about her Sk8er Boy. 8. Nicki Minaj stands out from the crowd. 9. Heidi Montag had a cute sense of style back in the days but now she's all trashed up! 10. Paris Hilton can dress really well, but most of the time she's a fashion disaster.
Hollywood is full of fashionista celebs that really dress to impress. But there's an opposite to everything! We've listed our top 10 celebrity fashion disasters like Kesha and Pamela Anderson who seem to be stuck in the not-so-stylish 90's! Click on the pics and check out some famous trash queens!
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Tori Spelling In A Flowery Curtain

Wednesday 9:21 AM, 11/04/2012
We spotted the pregnant Tori Spelling at The Grove on entertainment news programme "Extra". We're not a fan of that dress, it looks like a curtain!
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Hot or Not: Peacock Fashion

Tuesday 8:13 PM, 17/01/2012
HOT: Mischa Barton's multi colored dress is so cool! NOT: Katie Price. We have no words, other than: disaster. HOT: Ashley Greene, looks cool in her Halloween costume. NOT: Just because it's Halloween doesn't mean you need to be ugly. Tori Spelling wore a hideous costume! NOT: All the peacock feathers on Kesha's jacket just look messy. NOT: Singer Esmée Denters' jumpsuit has a terrible fit. HOT: Mischa Barton knows how to handle peacock feathers. HOT: Nina Dobrev's peacock inspired hair piece is amazing. HOT: English model Alex Gerrard.
There are so many ways to rock animal prints: leopard prints, zebra stripes, paw prints and also - peacock feathers! Peacocks are such beautiful creatures and their feathers are so amazing that the celebs are now strapping them on to their outfits. Click on the pictures to see whic celebs were fly and who wasn't.
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Tori Spelling Gives Birth! ...FINALLY!

Wednesday 9:03 AM, 12/10/2011
Tori with Stella and Liam! Tori and Dean!
And in more baby news today, Tori Spelling finally gave birth! It seemed like she was pregnant for eternity, seriously, every time we've seen Tori ...READ MORE ▶
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Worst Looking Celebs! When Plastic Isn't Fantastic!

Tuesday 5:30 PM, 20/09/2011
Now..not so cute! Melanie Griffith B.S, Before Surgery! Total face make-over Melanie! Tori spelling before. Tori Spelling...OMG! Jordan (Katie Price) before. Jordan (Katie Price) After! Recognize Megan Fox? This is how she looked before! ..And this is Megan now.
Plastic surgery can do wonders to some. While others just take it a bit too far, and re-modulates themselves like play-doh! When is enogh really enough? We know when! Click on the pics and take a look at these plastic surgery maniacs!
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Tori & The Kids Go Out For Slushies!

Sunday 12:14 PM, 24/07/2011
We spotted a heavily pregnant Tori Spelling take her kids Stella and Liam out for slushies in Los Angeles this past Friday. The trio seemed to be enjoying the warm weather + ice cold drinks combo and were later joined by dad/husband Dean McDermott for some shopping at Kitson!
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