Top List! The 8 Best Celebrity Halloween Costums!

Halloween is probably our most favorite holiday ever... next to Christmas! We're pretty sad that Halloween is over (make room for turkey and Christmas music!) but at least we have some good ideas for our costumes next year! Some of our favorite celebrities dressed up in the coolest costumes, they really went all out! Click on the pics to check out our top eight celebrity Halloween costumes from this year!
Bridget Marquardt hosts Halloween Party dead bunny lollipop blond long hair wavy hair black boy black lace bunny ears
8. We think that Bridget Marquardt should really think this one over... OKAY, we get it she's a dead bunny (since she's no longer with Hef) but come on Bridget you can do better!
Jennifer Garner black dress witch hat dressed as a witch for halloween purple cape sunglasses baby bump
7. We are really really scared of clowns.. so this one freaked us out! You can't even see that it's Naomi Watts hiding behind that yellow fluff!
Pixie Lott arriving at Mahiki Nightclub dressed as a leopard spots and leopard ears black jacket brown lips blond short hair
6. Is it Kim K and Kris? No! It's Kelly Ripa and Nick Lachey! But after this mornings news it might not be so tasteful!
Naomi Watts and her children dressed in a clown costume for halloween yellow hair red and white polkadot jumpsuit red nose
5. Jennifer Garner looks soo cute as a witch! Love the baby bump!
Kim Kardashian green dress red hair green eyelashes Poison Ivy costume for halloween
4. It must have taken Pixie Lott a lot of time doing that great make up! We love it!
Heidi Klum halloween costume 2011 dead corps inside out body blood and veins
3. Kim Kardashian is one hot Poison Ivy! She looks good with her fiery red hair!
Jessica Alba's daughter, Honor Warren dressed as an arabian princess costume for Halloween dressed as jasmine blue costume with gold neckless and belt
2. OMG! Heidi Klum did it again! This is just sooo creepy and weird! This is def a winner and we love how she always goes all out every Halloween!
Kelly Ripa and Nick Lachey dressed as kim kardashian and Kris Humphries for halloween white wedding dress white suit
1. The number one spot goes to this sweet cutie! Jessica Alba's daughter, Honor, dressed up as Jasmine from the movie "Aladdin" and we think she looks soo cute!
Published Nov 1 2011 2:12 PM
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