Top 11 Men Of 2011!

Saturday 4:34 PM, 31/12/2011
11. ALEX PETTYFER. We can't figure out this guy, not at all. We fell head over heels first time we saw him in I Am Number Four and Beastly. Then he totally creeped us out after we heard he had been threatening his ex Dianna Agron. But  we can't resist this British, rather shy, guy and he's no doubt our favorite bad boy of the year!

Earlier we posted our list of top 11 women of 2011 and now it’s the boys turn! They’ve caused just as much excitement, drama and dropping jaws as the girls. We bet there is a few of them who probably just want to forget 2011 (*cough, cough* Ashton Kutcher) but also some (Ryan Gosling you know we’re talking about you!) who can look back at this year with a big smile on their faces. The competition has been super hard but check out which 11 male celebrities we think are the most memorable of 2011!

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ellison(non member) 1
01/01/2012 1:11 AM
where's bradley cooper??., only the sexiest man
alive 2011

hjghhjfghdfg (Posh24 member) 2
01/01/2012 4:22 AM

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hanna(non member) 3
01/01/2012 12:28 PM
Sorry, but i agree only with Ryan Gosling
did the others do?
No, really, they didn't play
in a good film, some of them (like Charlie Sheen)
just go drunk and that is (in your opinion) a good
What about Michael Fassbender? He played
in like

hanna(non member) 4
01/01/2012 12:29 PM
5 amazing movies.
Posh24 - you are stupid.

agathe(non member) 5
02/01/2012 5:20 PM
Alex is the number one for Me !!!

Birsje(non member) 6
02/01/2012 6:28 PM
where's Bill Kaulitz he has made some major
changes, but he still looks great!

Ree(non member) 7
03/01/2012 5:18 AM
robert pattinson is HOTTT!!!!!!!

Ree(non member) 8
03/01/2012 5:19 AM
JB DOES NOT look good with his hair slicked back

veronica(non member) 9
13/01/2012 8:05 PM
wtf this is an stupid ranking! only agree with
ryan gosling

rania(non member) 10
14/01/2012 2:34 PM
this list is so stupid i dont agree on this

lllzzzmmm (Posh24 member) 11
31/01/2012 3:18 AM ====

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hanna(non member) 12
13/04/2012 8:18 PM
this is stupid!!! you put taylor lautner so low
and all this ugly guys like george sheen so high??
OMG..what a taste in men!!

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