Top 10! Best Dressed Celebs Of The Week!

This week our favorite celebrities stepped up their game on both on the Red Carpet and while hitting the streets! Katy Perry was spotted wearing a fun and colorful shirt on and Nicole Kidman was the glam-glam queen of the week, all dressed up in a glamorous turquoise gala gown. Click on the pictures to see this week's best dressed celebs!
Taylor Swift red babydoll dress lips curly hair nude heels
1. Fun and happy are the words to describe this blue and yellow pattered shirt that our girl Katy Perry has on! The green shoulder strap bag is a cool color splash too!
Anne Hathaway jeans sand colored trench coat short brown hair sunglasses leopard print red scarf
2. Taylor Swift's sweet, sweet red baby doll dress makes us blush. We are loving her red lips and nude heels too.
Demi Lovato creme colored dress black mc leather jacket hair up bangs
3. A creme colored jumpsuit and a black leather MC inspired jacket take Demi Lovato to the top three this week!
Ellen DeGeneres blue trainers yellow pants white t-shirt blue shirt
4. Nicole Kidman's long dress with turquoise sequin looks like something out of a dream, and yes, it's such a fresh color to wear!
Heidi Klum Henry Samuel black long loose skirt tunic grey necklaces
5. Anne Hathaway is everyday chic in Jeans, sand colored trench coat and a leopard print scarf. Two thumbs up!
Nicole Kidman long white dress turqose sequin blonde hair
6. Only the sky is the limit for Nikki Reed as she puts on high heels, skinny black Jeans and a mustard yellow shirt. Cute! We love the statement necklace too!
Jennifer Garner jeans blue shirt ballerina
7. This long black lose skirt and a grey tunic are comfortable enough for Heidi Klum! Boho queen!
Katy Perry black skinny jeans blue yellow pattern shirt gren bag sunglasses
8. Hey Ellen DeGeneres! We like your poppin blue sneakers and yellow Jeans. You look sporty!
Leighton Meester flowery coat blue heels handbag gloves grey pants
9. As always, Leighton Meester is dressed up on the set of Gossip Girl. This time she has a lovely flowery coat, grey pants and blue accessories. Fabulous combination!
Nikki Reed skinny black jeans yellow long sleeve shirt green necklace
10. Jennifer Garner is a true Jeans and t shirt girl. Today she is keeping it simple with a blue collar cotton shirt and a dark wash denim. Looking good!
Published Sep 25 2012 3:11 PM
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