These Stars Give Us Chills! Top 9 Sexiest Nordic Celebs!

It's not only freezing cold, dark nights, and girls named Inga in Northern Europe! Nope, it's also crowded with hot, sexy, and talented celebs! After conquering Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, many of our favorite celebs traveled across the Atlantic and took over Hollywood! Famous celebs like Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard, Viggo Mortensen who played Aragorn in "The Lord of the Rings," or Danish model, Helena Christensen have us saying "ja tack!"

Click on the pictures to see our Top 9 sexiest Nordic Stars!
Marcus Schenkenberg gray jeans white shirt pruple and yellow patterned blazer black belt silver bracelets brown eyes dark brown hair model hot sexy nordic swedish
1. Do you know anyone from Northern Europe who's sexier than True Blood star, Alexander Skarsgard? We don't!
Helena Christensen black strapless dress black peep-toe shoes black sequin clutch black shiny belt silver necklace with a bird brown hair bangs on the side model hot sexy nordic danish
2. We LOVE Swedish actress Malin Akerman! She's hot and funny at the same time!
Robyn black and white patterned tights white knitted sweater cream white top with frills short blonde boy haircut performing singing hot sexy nordic swedish
3. Yum! When we first saw Viggo Mortensen in "The Lord of The Rings," we though he was the sexiest man alive! And we still do!
Mads Mikkelsen black suit black vest white shirt black tie dark hair gray highlights unshaved hot sexy nordic danish
4. You might have seen Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman in the TV show "The Killing"!? He's SOO sexy and we bet he's going to be super famous really soon!
Bjork red dress with frills long sleeves blue tights silver shoes black wavy hair singer hot sexy nordic icelandic
5. Mads Mikkelsen, who starred as the villain in "Casino Royal" has that evil and sexy look that makes our knees week!
Viggo Mortensen black pinstriped suit jacket red striped unbottoned shirt hair on his chest green eyes dark brown hair sexy hot nordic danish
6. Super hot super model, Helena Christensen!
Malin Akerman black and white dress blonde wavy hair blue eyes pink lips cute sexy
7. Pamela Anderson's ex boyfriend, Marcus Schenkenberg, is a Swedish model and we think he's HOT!
8. You all know pop star Robyn from Sweden! We love everything about her!
9. Bjork is one cool chic and is Iceland's most famous star!
Published Aug 24 2011 7:10 PM
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