Our Favorite Top Eight Shoes!

We love Shoes! And we totally covet the Shoes in our fave celebs closets! Even if the outfit if fugly, at least the Shoes are great! Click on the pics and check out our top eight celeb Shoes (despite some of the ugly clothes.)
Dita Von Teese red dress red bag red shoes red belt
1. Sarah Jessica Parker has some killer burgundy heels! An her outfit is great too, you are sooo awesome SJP!
Kelly Brook white knitted dress leopard shoes heels top 8 shoes
2. Zoe Saldana shows us how easy it is to make a simple outfit look great with just a pop of color!
Olivia Inge top 8 shoes orange dress black purse yellow mary janes
3. We like this look on Whitney Port! The pop of color!
Alice Barlow nude bag white shorts plaid hoodie sunnis sunglasses
4. Olivia Inge, what were you thinking with that dress or whatever it is..? Love the yellow mary-janes though!
Vanessa Hudgens big white oversize knitted pull over brown boots
5. That looks like old lady Shoes, not so hot Dita Von Teese...
Zoe Saldana white shirt jeans white bag red shoes high heels
6. Alice Barlow is looking kind of trashy-nice... We don't know if we love it or hate it but how comfy looking are those Shoes!
Sarah Jessica Parker pink jacket burgundy shoes heels jeans
7. Kelly Brook, we hate the knitted dress, but we looove the leopard heels!
Whitney Port white tang top black jeans tan bag long blond hair take away
Source: WENN.com
8. Vanessa Hudgens is wearing just a big tee and some boots! Those boot would maybe look good on a long legged model with shiny Jeans. But like this it's all wrong!
Published Sep 29 2011 9:04 PM
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