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Top 10: Tom Cruise Hot Looks!

Wednesday 9:08 PM, 18/07/2012
2. He has been nominated for the Oscars three times. 3. Tom in a pink collar shirt. 4. Tom Cruise on the cover of Rolling Stone issue September 2004. Hot! 5. Tom in pilot sunglasses. 6. Looking good Tommy! 7. Tom in a black suit. 8. Tom and Kelly McGillis in Top Gun 1986. 9. Tom Cruise at the premiere of Rock Of Ages at Odeon, London. 10. At work! Tom filming for new movie  'Oblivion'.
You always need two to tango and a divorce is seldom a one-way business. Even though we are all for Team Katie and think she better run for her life, we do feel the need to acknowledge why she might have fallen for hot crazy Scientologist guy in the first place. Therefore we present to you, top 10 handsome Tom Cruise snap shots! Click on the pictures to see the list!
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Top 10 Beauty Tips: Clear Skin!

Thursday 7:12 PM, 12/07/2012
2. Cate Blanchett has radiant, glowing skin and a surprisingly small amount of sun damage for someone so fair. She’s done a great job of protecting herself from the sun through sunblock, hats and umbrellas.

3. When Fergie’s skin breaks out she uses toothpaste on the spots.

4. Liv Tyler's smooth, clear and acne scar-free face is due to a combination of good genes and great sun protection. 5. Before any makeup, Kristen Bell's skincare secret weapon is to give herself an at-home facial. My skin feels rejuvenated and has a healthy, clean glow." Kristen says. 6. "I rarely wear makeup but when I do the products need to be mild, odorless and  gentle on my skin." says Leighton Meester. 7. Lindsay Lohan’s skin is sensitive and she will easily get freckles in the sun. Her best tip for beautiful skin is to avoid “stress, smoking, lack of sleep and dehydration," she says. 8. Living in sunny California may be a dream come true but the sun does affect the skin. Selena Gomez always put on a thin layer on sunscreen in the morning before she does her make-up. 9. Lauren Conrad admits "I had bad skin in high school, but Proactiv's three-step system really works. I've been using it off and on for the past few years, but when I get lazy and stop, I totally break out." 10. Cameron Diaz has been struggling with her uneaven skin ever since she was a teenager. To keep her acne away she uses oxygen facials and acid peels.
You know when you wake up with a big spot and it is so visible you just want to go hide under your covers? We all have our bad skin days! Luckily there are ways to fight them. Fergie puts toothpaste on her evil blemishes and Lauren Conrad does a three step skincare regim every day. Want to know how your favorite Hollywood star keep her skin spotless? Click on the pictures to find out!
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Top 10: The Many Scarves Of Jessica Alba!

Wednesday 11:16 PM, 11/07/2012
2. A cream colored scarf to match her soft-looking outfit of the day. 3. This brown and white infinity scarf is perfect for a summer's day. 4. Think pink! Jessica is really colorful in her fuschia. 5. Every wardrobe should contain a black scarf, they go with anything! 6. Lovley white scarf to lighten up her face. 7. Another cute way to wear a black scarf! 8. This sheer flowery apricot shaded shawl gives Jessica a feminine look. 9. Accessorizing should  be fun! This thin black and white scarf balances the rest of her outfit. 10. Such a comfortable look with a grey/beige scarf.
Jessica Alba loves her neckware! We think she looks really pretty and we adore the ways she can liven up any outfit with a fun color splash. Click on the pictures to see more from our top 10 of Jessica Alba's scarves!
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Top 6 Best Talk Show Hosts Ever!

Tuesday 11:11 PM, 10/07/2012
5. Tyra Banks started The Tyra Banks Show back in 2005. It didn't take long for the audience to fall in love with her, and from nowhere she was suddenly one of the most popular talk show hosts. We like how she mixed fashion with serious issues and other things, that aren't usually brought up in talk shows. The show ended in 2010. 4. Jay Leno is best known for his classic talk show The Tonight Show at NBC. He's both a talk show host and a stand-up comedian, and we love how he constantly makes his guests on the show laugh and tell funny stories about themselves. 3. David Letterman is one of the biggest names in the talk show business. His first talk show, Late Night with David Letterman, aired already back in 1982. Ever since he's been known in the business for his very ironic sense of humor, and his sometimes absurd jokes. 2. Ellen DeGeneres is really one of our favorite faces on TV. She's not only a talk show host, she's also a stand-up comedian, and she always know how to make her audience laugh. She's met basically all cool celebrities, but guess how much we DIED when she and Justin Bieber got matching Boyfriend-Girlfriend jackets. 1. Can you imagine TV without Oprah Winfrey? Oprah has made us laugh, cry and think- sometimes in the same time, and she's definitely the best TV personality ever. And not only is she great on TV, she's also very engaged in big questions and she's very generous when it comes to charity. She's the queen of the TV world, doubtless!
They've met all the cool celebrities, they're always making us laugh, and they take up serious things too. We're talking about the famous talk show hosts, like the ones we can't stop watching like Ellen DeGeneres and David Letterman. We've listed our top 6 talk show hosts ever. Click on the pics and check them out (but we guess you know who our number one is already...).
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Now Or Then: Kim Kardashian!

Friday 9:09 PM, 06/07/2012
Kim Kardashian this year. Back in 2006. Today Kim is 31 years old. Before she liked wearing everyday clothes on the red carpet. Today she's all about dressing up when it comes to big events.
Some celebs have been in the spotlight for years and they still look the same. Well, Kim Kardashian doesn't. Ever since she got famous she's changed a lot, and now we want to see which Kim K you guys like the most- the old Kim or the new Kim? Click on the pics and check out her looks, and then vote and tell!


Did you like Kim K better THEN or NOW?

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