Top 10: Tom Cruise Hot Looks!

You always need two to tango and a divorce is seldom a one-way business. Even though we are all for Team Katie and think she better run for her life, we do feel the need to acknowledge why she might have fallen for hot crazy Scientologist guy in the first place. Therefore we present to you, top 10 handsome Tom Cruise snap shots! Click on the pictures to see the list!
Tom Cruise rolling stone white long sleeve shirt short hair
1. No Doubt Tom has a striking look.
Tom Cruise brown shirt grey blazer
2. He has been nominated for the Oscars three times.
TOM CRUISE pink collar shirt striped blazer
3. Tom in a Pink collar shirt.
Tom Cruise white collar shirt black blazer black shiny tie
4. Tom Cruise on the cover of Rolling Stone issue September 2004. Hot!
Tom Cruise kelly mcgillis top gun brown pilor leather jacket
5. Tom in pilot Sunglasses.
Tom Cruise denim shirt brown leather watch
6. Looking good Tommy!
tom cruise oscards academy awards black blazer white shirt tie
7. Tom in a black suit.
Tom Cruise Rock Of Ages grey suede jacket pilot sunglasses
8. Tom and Kelly McGillis in Top Gun 1986.
Tom Cruise jeans blue top white t-shirt black suede jacket pilot sunglasses
9. Tom Cruise at the premiere of Rock Of Ages at Odeon, London.
Tom Cruise white top brown suede jacket
10. At work! Tom filming for new movie 'Oblivion'.
Published Jul 18 2012 9:08 PM
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