Tom Cruise

3 July 1962, New York, USA
52 years

Thandie Newton, Heather Locklear, Cher, Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, Mimi Rogers, Penelope Cruz, Katie Holmes
Tom Hanks is an American actor who has won two Academy Awards. He also directs and produces. Childhood friends with Bruce Springsteen and Steven Spielberg.

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Is Katie Holmes Changing Suri's Name?

Friday 8:18 AM, 13/07/2012
Katie is going to extremes to keep "Scout" away from her dad.
The highly dramatic and incredibly intense divorce between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes wrapped up actually pretty quietly. The settled behind close...READ MORE ▶
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Are You Born Under The Same Zodiac Sign As Ashley Tisdale?

Thursday 11:12 PM, 12/07/2012
Selena Gomez is born 07/22/1992. 50 Cent's date of birth is the 6th of July 1975. Tom Cruise celebrates his birthday on July 3rd, and he's born in 1962. Kanye West was born in July 8th, 1977. Gisele Bundchen's happy day is on July 20th and she was born in 1980.
If you're born between June 22nd and July 22nd you have one thing in common with celebrities like Selena Gomez, 50 Cent and Ashley Tisdale- they're born under the same zodiac sign as you: Cancer! But do you know if you share your birthday with any of them? Click on the pics and find out right away!
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Nicole Kidman Helped Katie Escape Tom!

Thursday 8:08 AM, 12/07/2012
Nicole helped Katie as much as she could. He had no clue!
Katie Holmes had many friends helping her when she was escaping her husband Tom Cruise. But little did we knew that one of the ones who helped her ...READ MORE ▶
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Katie Holmes Used A Secret Phone When Planning Her Divorce!

Wednesday 4:47 PM, 11/07/2012
It's really over between them now.
When Katie Holmes was secretly planning her escape from Tom Cruise, she used all means necessary to keep Tom or Scientology from finding out. In fa...READ MORE ▶
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TomKat Reach A Divorce Settlement- That Was Fast!

Tuesday 8:23 AM, 10/07/2012
It's over...
Well that was very fast, just two weeks after Katie Holmes filed for divorce against her husband, Tom Cruise, the couple have reached a settlement....READ MORE ▶
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First Pics Of Katie Not Wearing Her Wedding Ring (And How Tom Treated Her...)

Saturday 8:39 AM, 07/07/2012
She's no longer wearing her wedding ring! Stay strong, Katie!
Spotted! Katie Holmes out walking in Manhattan's Chelsea- not wearing her wedding ring anymore! Katie left Suri at home with a baby sitter and took...READ MORE ▶
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