Tom Cruise

3 July 1962, New York, USA
51 years

Thandie Newton, Heather Locklear, Cher, Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, Mimi Rogers, Penelope Cruz, Katie Holmes
Tom Hanks is an American actor who has won two Academy Awards. He also directs and produces. Childhood friends with Bruce Springsteen and Steven Spielberg.

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First Pics Of Katie Not Wearing Her Wedding Ring (And How Tom Treated Her...)

Saturday 8:39 AM, 07/07/2012
She's no longer wearing her wedding ring! Stay strong, Katie!
Spotted! Katie Holmes out walking in Manhattan's Chelsea- not wearing her wedding ring anymore! Katie left Suri at home with a baby sitter and took...READ MORE ▶
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Katie Holmes Files For Emergency Hearing In Divorce To Tom!

Thursday 5:13 PM, 05/07/2012
She is going to extremes to divorce Tom!
In an act of complete desperation, Katie Holmes has filed to be an "emergent applicant" in New York City court to receive immediate custody and chi...READ MORE ▶
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Katie Will Get Pennies From The Prenup!

Wednesday 8:18 AM, 04/07/2012
But all she wants is child support for Suri.
According the the prenup that Katie Holmes signed with Tom Cruise years ago, she is pretty much cut out of his fortune. She will walk out of their ...READ MORE ▶
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TomKat- Throughout The Years

Tuesday 12:19 PM, 03/07/2012
Tom declares his love for Katie on Oprah... just the start of the insanity! Katie always said it was her dream to marry Tom, and that dream came true. After Suri Cruise was born she became an important part of their PR regime. The couple was married in 2006 in a Scientology ceremony in Italy. TomKat have been criticized for carrying Suri everywhere. They seemed really happy for the next few years... But by 2009, their body language started to change. Instead of clinging to each with authentic smiles, they stood apart and Katie looked tense. Katie started to look more and more like a zombie. Here's one of the last photos of them as a couple. Neither of them are truly smiling, something is definitely up.
With the big news of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes getting a divorce, we thought we would take a look at their past. From the happy times, the zombie years, and right before Katie's escape. Click on the pics to see if you can figure out where it all went wrong.
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Katie Holmes Says Her Marriage Was Over For A LOOONG Time!

Tuesday 8:19 AM, 03/07/2012
Katie wants to keep Suri out of Scientology!
Katie Holmes has stated in her divorce papers that her marriage to Tom Cruise has been "irretrievably" broken for at least 6 months before she file...READ MORE ▶
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Katie Holmes Is Being STALKED By Scientology!

Monday 8:15 AM, 02/07/2012
It's over between them... Katie says that Scientology is stalking her!
We knew things would get crazy in the Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorce and we knew that Scientology would be involved somehow, but this is inten...READ MORE ▶
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