Tom Cruise

3 July 1962, New York, USA
52 years

Thandie Newton, Heather Locklear, Cher, Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, Mimi Rogers, Penelope Cruz, Katie Holmes
Tom Hanks is an American actor who has won two Academy Awards. He also directs and produces. Childhood friends with Bruce Springsteen and Steven Spielberg.

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Oh No! Katie Holmes May Consider Taking Back Tom Cruise!

Monday 8:39 AM, 15/10/2012
Don't do it Katie.....
So what about THIS for a scenario: Tom Cruise leaves Scientology and Katie Holmes takes him back in a split second! A source close to Katie reveals...READ MORE ▶
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Nicole Kidman: "I Didn't Feel Comfortable At All With Tom Cruise!"

Tuesday 8:34 AM, 09/10/2012
She didn't feel comfortable at all... Tom was just dumped by Katie Holmes, perhaps because of the same thing?
Even though it's been years since Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise ended things, the actress still has a few things to say about her marriage. "It was ...READ MORE ▶
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Tom Cruise Is Leaving Scientology Only To Find Love Again!

Monday 3:46 PM, 01/10/2012
He's trying to move on. Who are all the women who's been spotted by his side lately?
Tom Cruise has been spotted with plenty of mysterious women by his side lately, but he says he's still not ready to move on completely from his for...READ MORE ▶
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Tom Cruise On His New Lonely Life: "I've Got To See Her!"

Wednesday 3:49 PM, 26/09/2012
No more Tomkat! He had to see her!
Tom Cruise is dealing with a new reality after his sudden split from Katie Holmes, and he's apparently not doing ok - not at all! Ever since mid-Au...READ MORE ▶
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Tom Cruise Is Out- But His Son Connor Is Smoking Hot!

Saturday 2:19 AM, 25/08/2012
Peace out Connor!
Tom Cruise's oldest son Connor Cruise has grown up and guess what, he is a hoooottie! We spotted him as he left after performing a DJ set at a London nightclub. Wonder if he's still single...?!
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