Tila Tequila's girlfriend is Lindsay Lohan's ex!

Monday 2:29 PM, 18/08/2008
Tila Tequila's girlfriend is Lindsay Lohan's ex!

Samantha Ronson isn't Lindsay Lohan's first lesbian love! She earlier had an affair with Tila Tequila's girlfriend Courtenay Semel. They met at a party in Malibu 2006 but Lindsay wasn't ready to show her feelings in public, she though it would ruin her acting career. Lindsay was very confused buy her feelings for Courtenay but every time they met on a party or a nightclub they would go home together. Courtenay felt used when Lindsay was so ashamed, so she ended their relationship but was heartbroken. She can't understand how Lindsay can be so open with Samantha and every picture she se of them together kills her. Let's hope Tila can make her happier!
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tila girlfriend(non member) 1
07/09/2008 4:58 AM
tila has good taste,but tila is something else
too.i wished i was in her place with tila.kevin01

love.tila(non member) 2
15/10/2008 5:21 PM
me too! but i live in swdeden and im only 12 years
old! :(

sexy (non member) 3
07/03/2009 2:10 PM
im a girl and tila u r so sexy i would sex u any
day and im only 12 and had more than 20
girlfriends so u no im sexy

babe (non member) 4
07/03/2009 2:13 PM
i love ur body and i want to lick ur pussy intill
u screme im 12 so if i spelled something wrong
thats why

unknown(non member) 5
08/06/2009 1:34 AM
u 12 year old are stupid shit at least i wanna do
tila but im 16..!!!!

nota(non member) 6
04/07/2009 2:06 AM
tila tequila is like umm a pokemon? An alien? And
she wants attention!

love babes(non member) 7
15/08/2009 10:53 PM
im 13 now ii want to have somting eals with a girl

and love her iim a latin girl plis answerd this

Kimlainee(non member) 8
21/12/2009 11:27 PM
... O_O creepy people. Leave Tila alone. later.

Aliyssa(non member) 9
31/12/2011 12:26 AM
Okay first I'm 16 to and she is hot but don't ya
think ya r a little young for her at age 13
especially and why would you comments like that it
just shows that your arrogant and immature

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