Tila Tequila

24 October 1981, Singapore
33 years

Brent Bolthouse, Jared Leto, Benji Madden, Bobby Banhart, Courtenay Semel
Tila Tequila, or Tila Nguyen, was born in Singapore but moved to Texas when she was just a year old. She had a turbulent childhood; at eleven she tried heroin, at theirteen she began to drink and at fifteen she got her first tattoo and started to smoke. She got an offer from Playboy and moved to West Hollywood. She now has her own reality TV-show on MTV, A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila.
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What a diva!

Tila Tequila's girlfriend spend the night in jail!

Friday 11:21 AM, 22/08/2008
Lindsay Lohan's ex-flirt, and Tila Tequila's new girlfriend Courtenay Semel is charged for assault. According to the New York Post she forgot her phone on the nightclub Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. She came back for it after closing and demanded that they would open and find it. When they refused to do that, she started to scream and hit the security guard in his head. Courtenay spent the night in jail.
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Flashy couple!

Is Tila Tequila's girlfriend just looking for attention?

Wednesday 6:13 PM, 20/08/2008
Sexy Tila! Wohoo! Going crazy!
Tila Tequila poses for the cameras as she leaves Il Sole in West Hollywood. With her she has Courtenay Semel that just two days ago said how heartbroken she was after Lindsay Lohan. It looks like she is feeling much happier now? What should we believe about what the struggling actress says about Lindsay?
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Tila Tequila's girlfriend is Lindsay Lohan's ex!

Monday 2:29 PM, 18/08/2008
Tila Tequila's girlfriend is Lindsay Lohan's ex!
Samantha Ronson isn't Lindsay Lohan's first lesbian love! She earlier had an affair with Tila Tequila's girlfriend Courtenay Semel. They met at a party in Malibu 2006 but Lindsay wasn't ready to show her feelings in public, she though it would ruin her acting career. Lindsay was very confused buy her feelings for Courtenay but every time they met on a party or a nightclub they would go home together. Courtenay felt used when Lindsay was so ashamed, so she ended their relationship but was heartbroken. She can't understand how Lindsay can be so open with Samantha and every picture she se of them together kills her. Let's hope Tila can make her happier!
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What a babe!

Tila Tequila with a mystery lady!

Monday 8:53 AM, 04/08/2008
The sexiest girl in Hollywood right know is Tila Nguyen also known as Tila Tequila of MTVs A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. Last night we spotted her in Hollywood walking hand in hand with a mystery lady. Tila was stunningly gorgeous in a red silky dress.
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Yes please!!

Tila Tequila poses up for the paps!

Thursday 11:33 PM, 31/07/2008
Tila Tequila poses up for the paparazzi outside the Coco De Ville lounge in West Hollywood. The MTV actress looked sexy in her short skirt and black top matching it with black high heel boots on her way out to party!
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Yes please!!

Tila Tequila works it on Robertson Blvd!

Wednesday 11:33 AM, 30/07/2008
Not the best choice of boots... A happy Tila! Is Tila window shopping now?
Tila Tequila who's in the reality show, "A shot at Love with Tila Tequila", worked the runway on Robertson Blvd. She looked very sexy in her tiny shorts and white top! The actress was out shopping with a friend but took a minute now and then to smile at the camera man.

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