25 September 1980, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
33 years

Clifford Joseph Harris Jr, T.I.P
LeToya Luckett, Paula DeAnda, Tiny, Hoopz
T.I är en amerikansk rappare som vunnit många priser och är även en utav VD:arna på Grand Hustle Records. I september 2008 medverkrade T.I i succéserien Entourage i ett avsnitt som sig själv som en utav Ari Golds klienter.
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Celebrity Heroes: They Saved Lives!

Tuesday 7:09 PM, 28/02/2012
When a man was about to jump off a building in Atlanta, T.I. helped by talking to the man, saying that things could turn around. The man came down and talked to T.I. before heading to the hospital. When Demi Moore saw a tweet from a girl saying she was going to kill herself, she replied that she hoped the woman was joking. Demis followers contacted the authorities and the girl was saved. At the premiere of "Mission: Impossible", two boys were about to get crushed against the barricades by a swarm of fans and Tom Cruise carried them to safety. A fire broke out while Kate Winslet was on vacation and she carried a 90 year old woman to safety! Gwyneth Paltrow saw her neighbor almost get hit by a car on 9/11 in New York. Gweynth waved to the woman, and the woman missed her train to the World Train Center where she worked. Sean Penn saved a man who got upset because Sean didn't win a prize at the Golden Globes in 2009. This man was so upset that he drank himself unconscious and Sean called 911 for help. When a woman collapsed outside a nightclub on New Year's Eve, Sofia Vergara checked her pulse and helped calm the woman until she felt better. Prince William helped rescue the lives of two seamen whose ship sank in the Irish Sea. Tom Cruise is a true hero, he's saved people more than once! In 1997, Tom witnessed a hit and run in L.A. He rushed there, waited for paramedics with the girl and followed the ambulance to the hospital. When he realized that the woman wasn't insured, he paid for her $7,000 emergency room bill!
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