The Situation

4 July 1982, New York
32 years

The Situation is a member of the Jersey Shore cast, he has been in all the seasons of the TV-show. The Situation was on "Dancing With The Stars", he has designed his own clothing line, has done a few Work Out DVD's and much more. The Situation was also offered a substantional amount of money from Abercrombie & Fitch to not wear their clothes, the company explained that his image could damage the company.
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Whitney Port Takes Advantage of Her Celebrity!

Sunday 9:24 PM, 25/07/2010
Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino celebrated his birthday there, Mel B and Chris Brown have both been there and chowed down on candy and yesterday it was The City's Whitney Port's turn to take advantage of her celebrity! Whitney was spotted at the Sugar Factory inside Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas where she got to pick out all her favorite candy! Lucky girl!

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Jersey Shore Crew Fighting Over Money!

Tuesday 10:32 AM, 20/07/2010
Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino doing what he does best - showing those abs! Jenni 'JWoww' Farley Vinny Guadagnino Sammi Giancola Pauly Del Vecchio Angelina Pivarnick Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi
MTV and the cast of Jersey Shore just can't agree! After almost being fired from the show at the end of season 1 because they wanted too much money for shooting season 2, Nicole Polizzi, Jenni Farley, Pauly Del Vecchio, Vinny Guadagnino, Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino and the rest of the crew are asking for more money again for season 3! Only problem is MTV is saying its not season 3 its the second part of season 2! Is MTV being sneaky here or are the Jersey Shore crew just plain greedy, they already earn more than $10 000 per episode each plus bonuses! (Source:Celebitchy)


Who's side are you on?

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People Can't Get Enough of Jersey Shore!

Monday 3:12 PM, 12/07/2010
Mike Sorrentino aka The Situation Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki, Jenni Farley aka JWoww Jenni Farley aka JWoww Vinny Guadagnino Pauly D Delvecchio, Sammi Giancola aka Sweetheart Pauly D Delvecchio Vinny Guadagnino and stylist Jenny Luciani Mike Sorrentino aka The Situation Angelina Pivarnick
Aren't people getting tired of the Jersey Shore crew? Nicole Polizzi and the rest of the gang are filming the second season of the popular MTV show and between takes they make sure to appear at as many celebrity parties as possible! Yesterday we spotted them at KISS FM's pool party at the Hollywood Towers looking very pleased!
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Mike Sorrentino Will Do Anything!

Sunday 7:49 PM, 04/07/2010
Jersey Shore's Michael Sorrentino, aka 'The Situation', is really making sure to bank on his fifteen minutes of fame and is taking advantage of any and all opportunities to get a little attention from the paparazzi. Yesterday the shirtless guido was at the Sugar Factory inside the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino to receive some sweet treats for his birthday even though he already celebrated it in New York this week. You have to admire the effort he puts into keeping his newfound fame!
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Michael Sorrentino Celebrates His Birthday With A Naked Torso!

Wednesday 5:30 PM, 30/06/2010
Yes, we know you're ripped... You're loving this aren't you Mike? Hungry?
Those of you who watch Jersey Shore probably won't be surprised to find out how Michael Sorrentino, aka The Situation, celebrated his birthday the other night. Wearing a dress shirt and vest (seriously Mike, it's 2010) he partied at Tenjune in New York with his friends and was later presented with a cake in the shape of his bare torso. How appropriate!
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Kelly Osbourne Gets Skinnier By the Day!

Thursday 7:09 AM, 10/06/2010
Perez Hilton Kat Von D Mena Suvari Janice Dickinson Michael Sorrentino AKA 'The Situation' and 'Snooki Terri Seymour Paula Abdul Kristin Cavallari Jesus Luz
Some cool celebrities attended the Logos "NewNowNext" Awards last night in Los Angeles, Perez Hilton, Janice Dickinson and Kat Von D made for quite an interesting party, but all eyes were definitely on Kelly Osbourne! She is looking tinier than ever since her big body makeover and that one shouldered dress showed off her new figure to the max! Well done Kelly we can see you are feeling great, but don't get any skinnier than this or you will diappear!
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