The Situation

4 July 1982, New York
32 years

The Situation is a member of the Jersey Shore cast, he has been in all the seasons of the TV-show. The Situation was on "Dancing With The Stars", he has designed his own clothing line, has done a few Work Out DVD's and much more. The Situation was also offered a substantional amount of money from Abercrombie & Fitch to not wear their clothes, the company explained that his image could damage the company.
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Its a Tough Life on the Jersey Shore!

Friday 9:44 PM, 03/09/2010
That's the life! Jenni Farley aka "J-WOWW" Deena Cortese Bikini ready at all times! Mike Sorrentino aka "The Situation" was there too of course!
Summer is still going strong for the Jersey Shore Crowd! We spotted them on location shooting their reality series for MTV yesterday at their Seaside Heights apartment. The only thing they were really working on though, was their tans! Especially Jenni Farley and Deena Cortese who were in their bikinis catching sun rays on their deck the whole day! Lucky for some!
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Audrina's Going Dancing!

Tuesday 2:28 PM, 31/08/2010
We can't wait to see if "The Hof" can keep it together for the show! Can singer Michael Bolton even dance? Maybe Kyle Massey's rap skills give him some extra rhythm? Remember Florence Henderson from the Brady Bunch? Athletes like Rick Fox don't always make the most graceful dancers, especially the men! is this "Situation" a joke? Margaret Cho is funny, but can she dance? Time will tell! We all saw her amazing skills in "Dirty Dancing", but its been a few years, has Jennifer Grey still got it? Kurt Warner - football and dancing? We don't think so! Sarah Palin's scandalous daughter Bristol Palin, we bet she can move! Here they are! We think Brandy's got this one!
The all star cast of the next season of hit reality TV show Dancing with the Stars was announced last night and we think its going to be so much fun to watch! The Hills' Audrina Patridge is taking part and so is David Hasselhoff! That's not all though! Jersey Shore "The Situation" Michael Sorrentino, singer Brandy all showed up on the live broadcast last night as the stars of the show were revealed for the first time. "Dirty Dancing" iconJennifer Grey is also set to take part in the competition, does anyone else think that's a little bit unfair?! (Source: DS)
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Monday 4:39 PM, 30/08/2010
8. We don't hate this outfit of Lindsay Lohans that much. Its not what we would necessarily choose as a suitable outfit for a court appearance, but that's not the issue either. This girl needs to put on a bra! Please Lilo get with it! 7. Anne Heche's dress hasn't been ironed properly and its got way too much going on with the pieces of fabric sticking out of the skirt and coming out of the neckline. She looks looks kind of wacky, but then again, doesn't she always? 6. Would you believe Soyon An is a famous costume designer looking at this outfit? We think she has been spending too much time in the costume studio and too little time reading fashion magazines! It doesn't even fit properly! 5. Jersey Shore star Michael Sorrentino blinded us earlier in this bright and busy outfit and it totally stands out for us as one of the worst of the week. Congratulations to "The Situation" for being one of the few men on this list - ever! 4. Katy Perry shows us how not to wear this season's leopard trend! The spots are hot honey, not the actual leopard's face. Did she really have to wear this huge thing all over her chest? So not classy! 3. Just because Taylor Momsen gets away with wearing her underwear in public and making it all cool and edgy and provocative, doesn't mean she should be a trend-setter.. Don't try this look on the streets girls, you will get into all kinds of trouble! 2. Amy Winehouse  showed up at a Libertines concert in this mismatched mess last week. At least her hair was still in one piece, but that's about all we can think of that's good to say about her. Trashy in every way! 1. Oh no Kerry Katona! Why doesn't this Atomic Kitten girl get help with her styling? She gets it wrong every time, no wonder the red carpet invitations aren't so many these days...She looks like some kind of dull bird ready for take off! Oh and that is way too much tan too!
Oh the bad fashion, it hurts our eyes! There is a whole lot of it coming from the Jersey Shore at the moment too, but that's not all! Katy Perry shocked us this week and so did Amy Winehouse, have a look and see what we mean!


Who was worst?

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Mike Sorrentino Has a Fashion "Situation"!

Thursday 8:49 PM, 26/08/2010
That outfit is hurting our eyes! Its not much better without the yellow sweater either!
We spotted Jersey Shore star Michael Sorrentino outside the Shore House yesterday and for the first time we understand why he might be called "The Situation". There was definitely a fashion emergency situation going on with his outfit! Honestly can this guy wear anything more bright and busy with patterns! Its making our eyes hurt! Check out his sweatshirt too, its a "Free Weezy" shirt, as fans will know rapper Lil Wayne is in prison for gun possession and Mike is obviously one of the people who thinks Lil Wayne shouldn't be punished. Not classy at all!
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Sharon Osbourne Hates Jersey Shore!

Monday 12:53 PM, 23/08/2010
Love them or hate them?
This is kind of funny coming from the woman who started MTV's reality TV series with her family's show, but Sharon Osbourne says she is sick of reality shows like Jersey Shore! Sharon blasted the crazy cast, saying she doesn't understand how any adults would ever want to watch them partying, getting drunk and messing around in hot tubs, but she also says more power to them for getting paid to behave so badly! Do you agree with Sharon, are Snooki and the Situation a waste of space, or do you love watching them getting up to no good?(Source: Wenn)


What do you think of Jersey Shore?

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The Crew is back on the Jersey Shore!

Saturday 3:27 PM, 21/08/2010
The men! Ready to party!
After causing chaos in Miami for the first half the season of their hit reality TV show, The Jersey Shore cast are back where it all began - the New Jersey Shore! We spotted Snooki (Nicole Polizzi), The Situation (Mike Sorrentino), DJ Pauly D (Paul DelVecchio), J-Wow (Jenni Farley, Vinny Guadagnino and friends filming scenes and making themselves back at home at the Seaside Heights in New Jersey yesterday. Get ready for drama everyone, they are back!
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