The Hunger Games Poster Revealed!

Wednesday 8:45 AM, 20/07/2011
We love Jennifer Lawrence!

Hey Josh Hutcherson!

Won't Liam Hemsworth make a sexy Gale?

Won't Liam Hemsworth make a sexy Gale?

We know you guys are just as excited about The Hunger Games as we are! We can't wait until next spring...March 2012 is too far away! But until then we'll just have re-read all of the books and speculate how awesome the movie is going to be! We caught sneak peek of one of the many movie posters that will be released and we love it! What a clever and creative idea, something that gives us true hope that The Hunger Games will truly be awesome! (yahoo)

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hahaha(non member) 1
20/07/2011 12:29 PM,undisclosed

Davi Doo(non member) 2
21/07/2011 7:15 PM
DUDE ! I cant wait ! ive read 2/3 ! gotta read em
all !

OMFG .. i wanna see it !

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