Sneak Peek Into The Hunger Games!

As a Friday treat, we have some amazing stills from The Hungers Games for you guys! We're still pinching ourselves that, Yes, It's Really Happening! We can't believe our favorite books are being made into a movie! Jennifer Lawrence is starting to look more and more like Katniss and we think that Liam Hemsworth makes an amazing Gale. We're still not sure about Josh Hutcherson as Peeta but maybe we just need to see him in action.

Check out these stills from The Hunger Games! You can find more information and all things The Hunger Games at Entertainment Weekly!
jennifer lawrence katniss everdeen long brown braid hunting the hunger games
Liam and Josh!
jennifer lawrence liam hemsworth katniss and gale hunting the hunger games
Liam and Josh!
josh hutcherson peeta burned bread the hunger games
Katniss and Gale hunting.
liam hemsworth gale josh hutcherson peeta the hunger games hot sexy
Peeta with the burned bread!
Published Aug 5 2011 9:15 AM
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