The Hills

May 31, 2006
Reality show
6 wins & 4 nominations (e.g. Teen Choice Award)
The MTV reality show The Hills is a spin-off of the popular MTV show Laguna Beach. The Hills documents the lives of Lauren Conrad and her friends in Los Angeles after her move from Laguna Beach, California. The Hills fashion has really popular and MTV has started to catalog all the clothes and accessories that Lauren, Heidi, Whitney and Audrina wear. Also, Lauren has started a clothing line, "The Lauren Conrad Collection". As well as Heidi and Whitney. "The City" is a new reality show involving the move of Whitney Port to New York City and her new job with Diane von Fürstenberg.
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The Hills

Actor: Heidi Montag / Spencer Pratt / Lauren Conrad / Audrina Patridge / Justin Bobby / Whitney Port / Stephanie Pratt

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Here's Why Kristin Cavallari Won't Get Her Children Vaccinated!

Monday 5:03 PM, 17/03/2014
Former The Hills star Kristin Cavallari, who's currently pregnant with her second child, has stated she won't get her children vaccinated. N...READ MORE ▶
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The Hills Cast: Where Are They Now?

Thursday 8:55 PM, 27/02/2014
Heidi Montag used to be Lauren Conrad's BFF on the show, before getting married with Spencer Pratt. Today Heidi mostly speaks out about her numerous plastic surgery procedures, and has been seen in the British version of Celebrity Big Brother.
Audrina Patridge was also one of Lauren Conrad's friends on The Hills, and she starred in the show until it ended in 2010. Audrina had her eyes set on becoming an actress and has had a few small movie roles so far.
Whitney Port was LC's work friend at Teen Vogue on the show, and she had her own spin-off show when moving to New York, The City. Whitney launched her own successful clothing line Whitney Eve in 2009.
When LC quit the show, her nemesis Kristin Cavallari replaced her. She stole people's boyfriends on the show and was in a lot of drama. Today she's married to football player Jay Cutler and is expecting her second child.
Stephanie Pratt, Spencer's younger sister, was caught in the feud between Speidi and LC. She hasn't been seen much ever since the show ended.
Spencer Pratt was the guy everyone hated back in the days, and ever since the show ended, his career hasn't quite worked out. He is still married to Heidi Montag.
Brody Jenner, LC's ex, was best friends with Spencer Pratt before his relationship with Lauren ruined it. He's been seen in Keeping Up With The Kardashians the past few years, alongside his brother and father Bruce Jenner.
We all remember when everyone watched The Hills every day on MTV, but now it's actually been eight years since the show started. The final episode aired on July 13 2010, and it has happened a lot to the cast ever since. Click on the pics and see where they are today!
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Heidi Montag Going Under The Knife Again!

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Celebrity Transformations: Before And After Their Hit TV Shows!

Thursday 8:53 PM, 12/09/2013
Katherine Heigl, before and after Grey's Anatomy. January Jones, before and after Mad Men. Lauren Conrad, before and after The Hills. AnnaLynne McCord, before and after Beverly Hills 90210. Heidi Montag, before and after The Hills.
People always change, but one thing we've noticed is how drastically some Hollywood celebrities change after appearing in real hit TV shows. We've taken a closer look on 6 stars and how they looked before and after their big roles on the screen. Click on the pics and see them all!
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