Its Official: No More The City!

The City star Whitney Port went on the radio with Ryan Seacrest yesterday to make a sad announcement! Her hit reality TV show The City has officially been cancelled by MTV! Whitney says the way things are right now, there won't ever be another season of The City, not even on another network! That means no more New York action and fab outfits from Whitney and her co-stars Olivia Palermo and Roxy Olin! Are you as sad as we are?! You can listen to Whitney's full statement on the radio here
Whitney Port
No more frenemy action!
Roxy Olin, Whitney Port
No more frenemy action!
Whitney Port and Roxy Olin
We will miss you girls!
Olivia Palermo and Whitney Port
We will miss you girls!
Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo
We will miss you girls!
Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo
We will miss you girls!
Published Oct 26 2010 8:31 AM
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