Taylor Swift & John Mayer - Are the Rumours True?

Friday 8:38 AM, 29/01/2010
Taylor Swift & John Mayer - Are the Rumours True?

Could this be romance?

There is definitely chemistry, but she is way too young for John!

There is definitely chemistry, but she is way too young for John!

So we know that John Mayer and Taylor Swift admire each other's musical talent and they like singing together, we have seen that. But could there be more going on between 20 year old Taylor and 32 year old player John? The two have been seen together having very long, cosy dinners in Nashville this week, sparking rumours this is more than just a working friendship. Taylor is not exactly denying it either! When she was asked how she felt about the rumours, Taylor just said "I try not to be a complainer, you know". Not exactly an answer is it? Wouldn't this be a scandalous new couple! Watch this space for more! (Source: USWeekly)


Taylor and John?

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coolgal(non member) 1
29/01/2010 10:15 PM
She should be with taylor launter forever

kaaren_n (Posh24 member) 2
30/01/2010 12:36 AM
if that's true ... go to hell

kaaren_n (Posh24 member) 3
30/01/2010 12:37 AM
yess i think the same taylor lauther and she were
a cute couple

SEPHI(non member) 4
30/01/2010 6:06 AM
uh hell no she is way way way 2 young 4 him

ak(non member) 5
31/01/2010 3:21 AM
run girl, run!!!

iloveyou.(non member) 6
31/01/2010 11:04 AM
omgg! ewww.
Taylor Lautner is the hottest thing
on earth. hes taken.. by me :D

EwwYeww(non member) 7
31/01/2010 5:02 PM
Well, they're both disgusting and ugly so...

Twilight.com809(non member) 8
31/01/2010 11:11 PM
ewwww, gross i think she shouldn't be dating John
Or Taylor Lautner. Taylor mine girls so back off
he's so hotttt.

Ashiee (Posh24 member) 9
04/02/2010 12:38 PM
yeeaa at least she found sb good for her.she
doesn't deserves taylor.he was too much for
her.but i'm sorry for John Mayer if its true

holagurrl(non member) 10
05/02/2010 9:53 PM
eeeeeww! first of all, he's way too old for her,
and second, i don't really like him, because he
broke taylor s and taylor l up!!!!!!!!!

-(non member) 11
23/02/2010 8:11 PM

aLexis13 (Posh24 member) 12
24/02/2010 4:24 AM

ds(non member) 13
01/04/2010 8:20 PM
han sover ju

Naim(non member) 14
31/10/2011 5:02 AM
this pussy also dated boys well younger than her

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