Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner Break Up!

Wednesday 12:05 AM, 30/12/2009
Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner Break Up!

So the fairytale ends for Twilight star Taylor Lautner and his Valentine's Day co-star Taylor Swift! The couple have ended their relationship after dating for just a few months! Sources close to Swift say that the actress felt the relationship wasn't going anywhere and that they were better off as friends! So much for Hollywood love stories!
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lill-snow-girl (Posh24 member) 1
30/12/2009 2:12 PM
they looked cute together why did they break up

Ashiee (Posh24 member) 2
31/12/2009 10:28 AM
bingoo!Taylor don't be sad.She doesn't deserves

coolcandy365 (Posh24 member) 3
31/12/2009 2:01 PM
they looked nice together but it's just ok 2 b
friends why too much long faces guys

Eve-Twilight-fan-yellow (Posh24 member) 4
31/12/2009 8:11 PM
YEY!!! sorry but i love taylor Lautner xxx!!
heheheh xxxx

GossipGirly (Posh24 member) 5
03/01/2010 6:43 PM

sexycrawford101 (Posh24 member) 6
04/01/2010 8:44 PM
talor im glad yall broke up! you dont deserve him
. you deserve a hobo! hahahaha!lol!

mileyfan4ev (Posh24 member) 7
08/01/2010 8:49 PM
If they got married theyd both be called taylor
lautner! HAHA! oh well. Taylor Lautner is hot and
Taylor Swift is really pretty but somehow they
didnt look right together.

carmen2008(non member) 8
27/01/2010 10:43 PM
i can't belve that they broke up in magizins
theyer allways dating

carmen2008(non member) 9
27/01/2010 10:47 PM
lill-snow-girl- you areso right

kaaren_n (Posh24 member) 10
30/01/2010 12:38 AM
what??? !!!!

nooo i just can't believe it

but why ?? nooo they were made 4 each other

Twilight.com809(non member) 11
31/01/2010 11:19 PM
I think that Taylor and Taylor should have broke
up in the first place .Why would Taylor Launter
even date her . He's so hott.

Swany(non member) 12
09/02/2010 9:21 PM
Taylor, she doesn't deserve a caring, sweet,
smart, adorable person like you! You need a nice
girl, who can love you, & care for you. Taylor
Swift thinks she is all that, which she isn't. If
need a friend, I would like to meet you (& I'm
totally talking a

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