Taylor Swift

Jan 28 8:35 AM

Hackers Threaten to Release Nude Photos of Taylor Swift!

Earlier this week a group of hackers managed to take control over Taylor Swift's Instagram and Twitter account...

Jan 26 5:12 PM

Confirmed: Taylor Swift Does Have a Belly Button!

One of the big mysteries regarding Taylor Swift, 25, has been whether she has a belly button or not...

Jan 25 8:22 AM

The Reason Why Taylor Swift Is Fed Up With Selena Gomez - Again!

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have been though several feuds throughout the years, mainly because of Selena's destructive on/off-relationship with Justin Bieber...

Jan 23 11:28 AM

Diplo - Getting Threatening Tweets From Taylor Swift Fans!

As you might remember - Katy Perry's ex boyfriend, Diplo, started a feud on Twitter with Taylor Swift late 2014...

Jan 23 10:06 AM

Hilarious! Watch This Cop Lip Sync to Taylor Swift!

We all know that it's easy to get carried away when hearing a song you love while driving...

Jan 16 5:01 PM

Uncomfortable: Taylor Swift Dodging Harry Styles

It's been a while since Harry Styles, 20, and Taylor Swift, 25, was a couple but accidentally running into each other doesn't seem to be a favorite - especially not for Swift that can be seen doing her best to dodge Styles...

Jan 15 5:09 PM

Taylor Lautner breaks up with his girlfriend!

Taylor Lautner, 22, is back on the single's market...

Jan 10 8:31 AM

Revealed: She Is The Most Charitable Celebrity!

Many of our biggest celebrities are good at giving to those who are less fortunate...