Taylor Momsen's Dirty Little Radio Interview!

As you all know, Taylor Momsen is promoting her rock band "The Pretty Reckless" debut album right now and she just keeps getting herself into more and more trouble every time she opens her 17 year old mouth! During an interview with a radio station in New Zealand Taylor joked about having sex with a priest once, talked about her vibrator being her best friend and swore at every possible chance she got.

This girl keeps whining that people make her out to be such a bad girl and that she has this terrible reputation, but as you can hear from the interview below, its actually Taylor who is always doing her best to shock people. Come on Taylor stop pretending you hate the attention already, we all know you're creating your own buzz!
Such a bad girl
Such a bad girl
Such a bad girl
Taylor says she doesn't want to be idolised - do you believe her?
Taylor says she doesn't want to be idolised - do you believe her?
Source: WENN.com
Taylor says she doesn't want to be idolised - do you believe her?
Published Aug 9 2010 10:56 PM
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