Taylor Momsen - Is she a Try Hard or a Super Star?!

Wednesday 9:57 PM, 13/04/2011
Aren't we bored yet?

Aren't we bored yet?

After almost a year of waiting and promoting and touring, Taylor Momsen's band "The Pretty Reckless" finally has their album out! Its called "Light Me Up". Are you still into Taylor and her band and their songs or are you pretty sick of seeing her looking and sounding the same almost a year later? Vote!


What do you think?

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abc(non member) 1
13/04/2011 10:55 PM
i hate her but i haven't even heard any of her
songs...does she even sing?!?!? acting suits her i
really liked in gossip girl little jenny humphrey

no.(non member) 2
14/04/2011 7:00 AM
posh24 shut the f*** up-you bore me
she sings
amazingly - check her out on youtube and watch her
live performances and you will hear how talented
she is!

LMVK(non member) 3
14/04/2011 4:04 PM
HATE her way to black eyes. They look way, way,
way to heavy. If you want to do blck eyes, do a
smokey eye! Just painting them black with eyeliner
is just way to hard and gothic.

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