Taylor Momsen is Galliano's New Muse!

Does this girl have all the luck or what! A hit TV show (Gossip Girl), her own rock band (The Pretty Reckless) a kick-ass fashion line(She is the face of Madonna's Material Girl collection) and now Taylor Momsen is the muse behind designer John Galliano's new fragrance! Taylor was in Paris last night with Galliano for the launch of the perfume, simply called "John Galliano Eau de Toilette". She and the legendary designer already look like best friend and he even let her perform with the band! We bet she gets all kinds of fab clothes too, now if only she would wear some!
Taylor Momsen
New Bffs!
Taylor Momsen
New Bffs!
Taylor Momsen
New Bffs!
Taylor Momsen and John Galliano
She is the luckiest girl ever!
Taylor Momsen and John Galliano
She is the luckiest girl ever!
Taylor Momsen and John Galliano
Source: WENN.com
She is the luckiest girl ever!
Published Sep 14 2010 11:06 PM
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