Taylor Momsen

26 July 1993, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
21 years

Actress Taylor Momsen starres in Gossip Girls playing Jenny Humphrey. Her first major role was in How the Grinch Stole Christmas 2000. Taylor has also been seen in Spy Kids II and We Were Soldiers. She is the leading singer in the rock band The pretty reckless and she quited Gossip Girl after four seasons
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Taylor Momsen Quits Acting FOREVER!

Wednesday 8:54 AM, 17/08/2011
Aw! Back in her Gossip Girl days!
Well in case you were hoping to see Taylor Momsen back on TV (or maybe even in a movie) don't get your hopes too high.... Taylor has declared that ...READ MORE ▶
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Get Short or Go Long!

Wednesday 2:03 AM, 20/07/2011
Tyra Banks is a woman how like to change things up! Selena Gomez is adorable with both long and short hair! Long or short, it doesn't matter, Taylor Momsen is still going with the smokey eyes! Do you prefer Vanessa Hudgens in a longer or shorter 'do? Jessica Lowndes didn't settle with just cutting off her hair, she got bangs too! Heidi Klum also got tired of her old look and decided to cut some off! Miley Cyrus, rocking both the looks!
Celebrities like to change things up and a lot of times that means cutting off their precious curls! But just like us, celebs aren't always so eager to chop off their hair in an extreme style like pop singer Robyn. Maybe that's why when stars cut their hair they keep it simple. They go for the shoulder length hair cut. Some have their locks cut off right above the shoulder, like Paris Hilton. While others, like Miley Cyrus, chose to have it falling over the shoulder.

Actually it's pretty practical, if you have long hair this hairdo isn't too short so you will probably get used to it super fast. And if you end up hating it, well then it doesn't take too long until it grows back out again. Or just do as the celebrities when they are tired of shorter hair, get extensions!

But what do you guys prefer? Long tresses or a shorter cut?
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Drummer boys and songbirds!

Sunday 11:12 AM, 10/07/2011
Adam Brody plays the drums in the band Big Japan. We think is so hot! Juliette Lewis has her own band with her name in it! Juliette and the Licks always give a good show! We didn't think that Gossip Girl-actor Ed Westwick could get any hotter, until we found out that he is the singer of the band The Filthy Youth! They sound a bit like The Strokes! Swedish actress Malin Åkerman was a singer in the band The Petalstones, but not any more. Jared Leto's band 30 Seconds to Mars are really successful! OMG! Another hot drummer! Adrian Grenier plays in the band The Honey Brothers. Leighton Meester is a solo singer and she's done some great party songs! Scarlett Johansson has a beautiful voice!
Did you know that Scarlett Johansson is a singer? Or that Entourage-actor Adrian Grenier is a drummer in the band The Honey Brothers? Well now you know! Some of our favorite actors/actresses are just a little more hipper than their colleagues. We just love a man in a band and we are so jealous of those women that can both act and sing! Here are our favorite rock star celebs! Which one is your favorite?
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Taylor Momsen Got Herself A Boyfriend!

Tuesday 12:55 PM, 05/07/2011
He is kinda cute!
It seems Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen has finally managed to find a boy tough enough to handle her! The 17-year-old actress/singer was spotted wi...READ MORE ▶
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Backstage at the Material Girl Photo shoot!

Sunday 6:20 PM, 03/07/2011
Exclusive behind the scenes photos for Madonna's Material Girl photo shoot were recently released and by the looks of it, Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon got a long way better with cover girl Kelly Osbourne than she ever did with former front figure Taylor Momsen! Check out the pics in the gallery above!
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What's Your Style? Punk Chic!

Wednesday 9:22 PM, 01/06/2011
While we do love Taylor's coat, we much prefer this look on Ashlee! Ashlee kept it simple and let the coat be the star while Taylor paired it with fishnets and over-the-knee boots. Both girls are wearing t-shirt but we think Ashlee nailed it with leather pants, a leopard clutch, and a few necklaces. Taylor needs to wear pants! Even though Ashlee Simpson is wearing a cute, plaid dress she stays true to her style with black tights, booties, and a rock star sunglasses. Taylor tries to look chic on the red carpet but her dress is a bit short...
The perfect punk chic is a mix of hard and soft: leather boots and a soft vintage tee shirt, a sexy LBD with a studded bracelet, smoky eyes with neutral lips. The key to this look is to work punk pieces around the chic. Let chic be the main focus and you'll create an awesome unexpected edge.

Ashlee Simpson knows how to perfectly mix edgy with feminine. She has a style that isn't too hard or too grunge, which is super important in this look- you want to look polished and put together, not like you just climbed out of bed! Check out our style tips to get perfect punk chic style!

- Invest in quality pieces like a leather jacket and boots. These play a main role in the punk chic wardrobe.
- Play with your makeup. Try burgundy lips or smoky eyes to create an amazing punk chic look!
- Add pattern and texture! In an outfit that's mainly black, an unexpected pattern (like plaid) or fabric (lace) will help bring your outfit to a new dimension!

- Go grunge. A look that's too grunge will completely miss the mark with punk chic. Wear structured pieces and stay away from ripped jeans and tights.
- Be afraid to go girly. The look isn't all jeans and t-shirts. Choose feminine dresses and heels with a rebellious edge (example: Ashlee Simpson's LBD, heels, and braid help make her look completely cool and romantic).
- Dress slutty. Just because you want to look hardcore and feminine doesn't give you the excuse to walk around in a garter belt and bustier with too much eyeshadow (ahem, Taylor Momsen)
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