Taylor Lautner

11 February 1992, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
22 years

Sarah Hicks, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift
Taylor Lautner showed such a talent and love for acting as a little boy that his parents moved from Michigan to LA to pursue his career. Since moving to LA Taylor has appeared in many tv shows and movies. His two big breaks were from "The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl" and the Twilight movies. Taylor dreams of becoming a scriptwriter and director as well. Taylor Lautner became a black belt in Karate before he was even 12 years old!
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Vote For Sexiest Celeb of the Week

Tuesday 5:08 PM, 31/05/2011
Ok you guys, we need your help! We can't decide who should be Sexiest Celeb of the Week. It's like really hard! Seriously, it's not ...READ MORE ▶
Siiiiiiigh Zac Efron! Johnny Depp might just be the sexiest man alive. Adrian Grenier, it's those eyes. Or the curls. It's Paul Walker's eyes or that sexy 5:00 shadow. Have you seen Alex Pettyfer's simle....wow! James Franco is just plain cute. And sexy. It's a win-win. Blue eyes, blonde hair, amazing, that's Kellan Lutz. O.M.G. Alexander Skarsgard. We can't say anymore. Have you seen Taylor Lautner's abs? We still have a major crush on Leonardo DiCaprio from Titanic. Gerard Butler, rugged and sexy....and he can sing! We love Penn Badgley! Oh Ed Westwick makes us melt. Jon Hamm is the hottest businessman we've ever seen, can't wait for Mad Men again! He's plays a doctor and that's just hot. We love Patrick Dempsey! Ryan Reynolds has the best cheekbones and we want to date him, walk on the beach with him, kiss him, etc. John Krasinski is so funny and has the sweetest smile ever. Two words: Team Edward. Matthew McConaughey is our favorite Southern boy, his drawl is like, the sexiest. Mmmm, Bradley Cooper is delish!
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Wednesday 11:18 PM, 25/05/2011
There are so many fun stories around the web today that we just had to share them with you! Enjoy sweets!

Amazing Olsen twin fashion (but we wouldn't expect anything else...) [Teen Vogue]

Your boyfriend + Taylor Lautner's abs= HOT HOT HOT! [teen]

Our favorite bad boy, Ed Westwick, joins the cast of Romeo and Juliet! [Hollywire]

Ummm Draco Malfoy is really hot! [Just Jared Jr]
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Picture special

Thursday 8:12 PM, 07/04/2011
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Which Twilight Star Makes You Howl?!

Friday 11:21 AM, 01/04/2011
Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? We know there are a lot of Edward fans out there, but we have to say, those wolf boys are hot! Th...READ MORE ▶
Which Twilight Star Makes You Howl?! Oh Kiowa, you're so cute! Bronson is way hot! Leader of the Pack, Chaske Spencer! There are just no words to describe Taylor! Newbie Booboo Stewart is a cutie!
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Picture special

Thursday 3:02 AM, 03/03/2011
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Posh Picks from Around the Web!

Wednesday 6:39 PM, 23/02/2011
Here is the latest from some of our favorite sites like our BFF's over at Hollywire! Cute, funny, exciting and plain weird!

The best news of the day? Twillight is back! Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner were all spotted arriving back in Canada today to finish filming Breaking Dawn - Yay! Hollywire has the pictures!

Does Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick have a new girlfriend? Find out who the mystery girl is at Wetpaint

Oscar the Grouch makes his fun Oscar predictions Popeater has the video!

Has Mary-Kate Olsen been taking style advice from Taylor Momsen? Find out exactly what's going on at JustJared

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