Many celebs like to paint their bodies with tattoos. Here we have gathered all our pics with celebs who have tattoos!
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Flirt Alert: Kat Von D and Jesse James!

Monday 8:47 PM, 16/08/2010
Will he be better for Kat?
We all know Sandra Bullock's cheating ex Jesse James has a thing for women with tattoos by now and it looks like he is ready to get over the whole divorce drama with Sandra and start dating again. He was spotted with tattoo queen Kat Von D in Las Vegas on Saturday night!

The two were seen getting cosy in a boothe at the Palms Casino resort, even sharing each other's food and they were holding hands on the way out, sounds like a date to us! There have been rumors that Jesse has been trying to get Sandra back, but we guess this date proves that wrong, or will, as soon as Sandra finds out about it! We really didn't take Kat for the kind of girl who dates cheaters, she is so hardcore! Maybe she is hoping he has changed....(Source: People)
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Make An Effort Natalie Portman!

Saturday 5:36 PM, 14/08/2010
We spotted actress Natalie Portman arriving at popular Los Angeles eatery Urth Café yesterday afternoon wearing a less than cute dress and her hair in a messy bun. As you may already know the actress is rumored to be one of the actresses up for the coveted part as Lisbeth Salander in the movie The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo but she may want to make more of an effort if she wants to land the part. After all Emma Watson chopped off all her hair to win the part!
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Rihanna's Brand New Neck Tattoo!

Thursday 10:58 PM, 12/08/2010
Its a bit blurred but you can see it She is loving it, you can see!
Rihanna left her hotel this morning looking really naughty and pleased with herself and she was swinging her neck from one side to the other, why? She has a new tattoo and she was teasing the photographers waiting outside her hotel to get the first pictures of it.

The new tattoo is from Eastside Ink, Rihanna's favourite place and it reads "Rebelle Fleur", the rumour is she also got something done to her chest at the same time, but she is not showing that just yet, This girl is going to be totally covered in ink someday soon, she is a total addict!
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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Transformers Debut!

Thursday 9:44 PM, 22/07/2010
Crash and burn! In action! Hotness!
It has started! The much-talked about Transformers 3 movie has begun filming, without Megan Fox and with Rosie Huntington-Whitely playing Shia La Beouf's new love interest. As expected the set is full of blow-up action and it looks like the crew is totally blowing up Chicago's inner city to make the movie. its going to be so exciting to watch, we can just tell! Oh and how hot does Tyrese Gibson look in his bulletproof vest and tattoos?!
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Harlow Madden Spends Time With Her Daddy!

Saturday 8:06 AM, 03/07/2010
How cute is this?! Benji Madden and his daughter Harlow Madden took a break from mom Nicole Richie yesterday and spent the whole afternoon together at The Grove in Los Angeles. While Harlow wore her pink stockings and a pretty dress, Benji wore his usual rocker t-shirt and jeans and showed off all of his tattoos. Let's just hope Harlow doesn't take after her dad in that department!
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This Week's Hottest Streetstyle!

Wednesday 3:23 PM, 30/06/2010
Angie Harmon showed us just how to rock a men's shirt this week when she paired it with ripped jean shorts and mirrored sunglasses. The floral Gucci bag balances the outfit and makes it look a little less masculine. Leg jewelry is seriously hot, whether it's the real deal or Chanel's rub-on tattoos. Lindsay paired her leg chain with fringed boots, hotpants and rows of Humanity bracelets. Watch and learn, it doesn't have to be harder than this. A white tanktop, black bra, jeans and clogs. Less is more, always. Trinny Woodall almost never gets it wrong and we just love this frilly beige dress on her. Just one thing, next time you were a see-through dress Trinny, make sure you don't forget to wear a bra...
These celebrities know that you don't have to follow trends to look hot! The trick is to make the trends your own which is exactly what Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan and Jameela Jamil did this week. Who knew a black party dress could look so good in the middle of the day or that clogs actually are pretty hot when you wear them with jeans and a simple white tanktop. Take a look at these outfits and let us know what you think!


Who got it right this week?

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