Many celebs like to paint their bodies with tattoos. Here we have gathered all our pics with celebs who have tattoos!
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Did Miley Cyrus a Get a HUGE Tattoo?!

Friday 7:09 AM, 29/10/2010
Not exactly pretty like a flower print or something is it?
Is it just us or does that look like a new tattoo job on Miley Cyrus' arm? We spotted Miley on a night out with friends and family at the Bourgeois Pig in Los Feliz last night and everyone was staring at her arm because it has a big piece of artwork on it that stretched from her left wrist to her elbow. The big question now? Is that permanent or just a temporary transfer?! Time will tell! We hope its temporary, from what we can see its not exactly beautiful!
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Kat Von D Denies She is Single Again!

Wednesday 4:02 PM, 27/10/2010
The new book! Funky glasses! Sandra and Jesse Kat and Jesse seem like a way better match don't they?
Last week there were all kinds of rumors running around that the relationship between celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D and Sandra Bullock's scandalous ex Jesse James is already on the rocks just because Kat was seen out with her ex Nikki Sixx, but yesterday Kat set the record straight...kind of...

Kat is promoting her latest book, "The Tattoo Chronicles" and while doing an interview yesterday, she denied rumors that there was trouble in paradise with Jesse and she was wearing a huge Vintage ring on THAT finger, but she refused to confirm whether she and Jesse are engaged. But she did say how much she loves him and thinks he's one of the most "kind-hearted, intelligent human beings". Really?! Ok Kat! (Source: USAToday)
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Why Kelly Osbourne's Removing Her Tattoos!

Thursday 12:57 PM, 07/10/2010
The keyboard tattoo she hates so much now We hope she keeps some of her ink!
It really will be an all new Kelly Osbourne soon! She is not stopping at a skinnier body shape for her new makeover, Kelly has announced she will be removing some of her 15 tattoos as well! Kelly says that she regrets many of her tattoos and has no idea why she had some of them done, like the huge keyboard she has on her lower arm!

Kelly explains that when she was younger and more self-destructive, she got tattoos as a way to upset her parents and she says it was even a way to self-harm! That sounds terrible! Kelly is excited about removing some of her most regrettable tattoos and even though it will take many months of treatment, she can't wait to be rid of them and have a cleaner looking body. We really hope Kelly is not busy turning herself into just another blonde, Hollywood barbie girl! (Source: Popeater)
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Jesse James and Kat Von D Inseparable!

Sunday 4:30 PM, 05/09/2010
By now everyone knows that Jesse James has a new love in his life, tattoo artist Kat Von D, and it seems things are getting pretty serious! Kat and Jesse rarely leave each other's sides and yesterday we spotted them having lunch at Urth Cafe in LA before heading to Kat's tattoo parlour, LA Ink!
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Kat Von D & Jesse James: "Its not just about Tattoos"

Friday 12:55 PM, 20/08/2010
Lets hope he doesn't break her heart!
Kat Von D has admitted she is dating Sandra Bullock's scandalous ex Jesse James! She went on the radio this week and she says, despite what people think, they are not just a good match because of their mutual love tattoos! Kat says she has known Jesse for years and they have a lot of respect and mutual understanding of each other. They both have reality TV shows on Discovery and have both had some difficult scandals to deal with. Kat battled a drug addiction 3 years ago and Jesse as everyone knows now, has been in rehab for his sex addiction. Kat says everyone makes mistakes and deserves a second chance. Well we will have to wait and see if Jesse deserves his second chance. Good luck guys! Listen to parts of the interview here
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Flirt Alert: Kat Von D and Jesse James!

Monday 8:47 PM, 16/08/2010
Will he be better for Kat?
We all know Sandra Bullock's cheating ex Jesse James has a thing for women with tattoos by now and it looks like he is ready to get over the whole divorce drama with Sandra and start dating again. He was spotted with tattoo queen Kat Von D in Las Vegas on Saturday night!

The two were seen getting cosy in a boothe at the Palms Casino resort, even sharing each other's food and they were holding hands on the way out, sounds like a date to us! There have been rumors that Jesse has been trying to get Sandra back, but we guess this date proves that wrong, or will, as soon as Sandra finds out about it! We really didn't take Kat for the kind of girl who dates cheaters, she is so hardcore! Maybe she is hoping he has changed....(Source: People)
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