Many celebs like to paint their bodies with tattoos. Here we have gathered all our pics with celebs who have tattoos!
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Tat Up! The Top 10 HOTTEST Men With Inked Bodies

Thursday 12:14 PM, 31/05/2012
Wiz Kalifa's upper-body is covered with tattoos, not even his neck is ink-free. Adam Levine from Maroon 5 looks SO hot with his arms inked! David takes strips and shows us his amazing tattooed body. The Rock has a really HOT body and those tats look hot on him! Not only his body is covered with tattoos but Lil Wayne has tattoos on his face too. Johnny Depp likes to follow the trend with tattooed arms. Eminem is both HOT and CUTE! He has a tattoo of his daughter on his right arm. It's so adorable. Of course Robbie Williams has tattoos! He is so crazy and what's more crazy than to get that bad boy image with an inked body? Tom Hardy has been very popular lately and he really knows that it's important to have a well trained body to get there. Add some tattoos on that bod and you get every girl's bad boy dream!
Look over here if you are into HOT men and TATTOOS! Nowadays nobody in Hollywood goes around without at least one tattoo on their body. Some of them even have ink on their faces! We have listed 10 gorgeous celebrities with HOT inked bodies. Click on the pics to see more!
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The Tattooed Beauties Of Hollywood!

Friday 11:06 PM, 04/05/2012
Lady Gaga has a unicorn tattooed on the side of her thigh. British singer Cher Lloyd has a lot of tattoos all over her arms and hands. Demi Lovato has a cross tattooed on her hand and  text on her arm as well. Jessie J has a tattoo on her arm. Rihanna has a lot of tattoos all over her body. One is on her hand. Scarlett Johansson has a colorful sunset on her left arm. And if you look closely, you can see that the "bracelet" on her arm isn't a real bracelet. Nicki Minaj has chinese letters on her arm. The meaning of them is "God is with me". Nicole Richie has also jewelery tattooed. She has an anklet on her left foot. Kelly Osbourne is a badass and tattooed skulls on each foot.
There are a lot of hot guys in Hollywood who are known for their tattoos, but what about the women? Believe it or not, there are quite a few tattoo...READ MORE ▶
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Rihanna's New Tat!

Wednesday 2:44 PM, 25/01/2012
It looks like Rihanna got a new tattoo! The sing posted this pic of her self on Twitter at a tattoo palor and said, "All these b*****s screaming that 2pac back ? #THUGLIFE'" Oh Rihanna, we aren't sure what you are thinking!
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Katy Perry and Russell Brand Get Tats Together!

Friday 4:12 PM, 02/12/2011
So cute together! She's so cute!
Don't believe the rumors that Katy Perry and Russell Brand are divorcing! Would a couple in romantic trouble get tattoos together? Well, Katy and R...READ MORE ▶
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Picture special

Friday 12:13 PM, 07/10/2011
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BFFs Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens Get Inked Together!

Monday 10:15 PM, 12/09/2011
Tattoo bffs! They've been friends forever!
Our fave celeb BFFs, Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens, recently got tattoos together! The "High School Musical" stars decided to get inked at East Side Ink in Manhattan during New York Fashion Week! Ash got a tattoo on her foot that says "jamais seule" which is French for "never alone" and Vanessa got the symbol for "om" on the back of her hands.

Both Ashley and Vanessa are no strangers to ink, Ashley has the words "believe" on her back and Vanessa has a butterfly tattoo on her neck. Soon they will join the ranks of tattoo queen, Miley Cyrus! (people)
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