Many celebs like to paint their bodies with tattoos. Here we have gathered all our pics with celebs who have tattoos!
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Whose Crazy Funky Shoes?

Monday 5:17 PM, 22/03/2010
Love love this dress! Cool tattoos!
No they don't belong to Lady Gaga for a change! We thought so too at first, but then we noticed it was hot European pop star Doda! This is the amazing outfit she wore this weekend for a television appearance as a judge for a show called "Just Us Two." We just love her whole look, we can't stop staring at this outfit, from the hair and the glasses, to the backless leather dress and of course those insane shoes!
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Life Goes On for Jesse James' Family!

Sunday 8:09 AM, 21/03/2010
Jesse James has gone from zero to hero since his affair with a tattoo model was brought to light but life has to go on after all! Yesterday we spotted Jesse dropping his daughters Sunny and Chandler James at school in Huntingon Beach, naturally Sandra Bullock was nowhere to be seen. We just hope they can make this as easy as possible on the kids!
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Sandra Bullock Hit By Cheating Scandal!

Thursday 8:30 AM, 18/03/2010
We can't believe he was cheating!
Oh no poor Sandra Bullock, her Oscar celebrations have just come crashing down! A tattoo model called Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee has just told the world that she had an affair with Sandra's husband Jesse James the entire time Sandra was away filming her Oscar-winning performance inThe Blind Side! Michelle claims that Jesse told her that he and Sandra were seperated and that she had an affair with him for almost a year!

We can't believe this as Sandra and Jesse have been the most loving couple on the red carpet this whole awards season! But we are thinking it must be true, because Sandra announced late last night that she won't be attending the London premiere of her movie later this week, and we are hearing that she has moved out of their home! This is so sad and shocking! (Source: InTouch)
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What a babe!

Kat Von D's Sexy Car!

Friday 8:51 PM, 19/02/2010
Loving her new ride! Oooh the shoes!
Fully tattooed L.A. Ink star Kat Von D has a pretty great life right now, she known as one of the best tattoo artists in the world, she has her own reality TV show, her own tattoo parlour, she is gorgeous....the list goes on! Kat also seems to be excited about her brand new Bentley convertible! She showed it off to the cameras yesterday at the Rainbow Bar and Grill and we have to say, the car is almost as sexy as those shoes she is wearing - almost!
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Fashion Week

Pete Wentz - Creative Genius or Crazy Person?!

Wednesday 7:52 PM, 17/02/2010
Crazy person! Ashlee laughing at her nutty hubby! Great tattoos!
Fall Out Boy rocker Pete Wentz and his design team from his fashion label "Clandestine Industries" showed their Fall Collection for 2010 at New York Fashion Week yesterday and it was quite a show! The cool thing about it was that the show was all about individuality. The models were each styled completely differently and their hair and makeup were done according to their own personalities - how cool is Pete? So how did Pete choose to style himself for his appearance on the runway? In typical Pete style, it was pretty special! He was wheeled in like a dangerous mental patient with a straight jacket and mouth mask ! His wife Ashlee Simpson, was in the front row and she just couldn't stop laughing! Pete is so crazy he is cool!
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Courtney Love Shows Off New Body Art!

Saturday 12:17 AM, 16/01/2010
Courtney Love Shows Off New Body Art!
Rocker Courtney Love shared some interesting new pictures of her latest tattoos on her Twitter page yesterday! Looking a little worse for wear, Courtney seemed proud to be showing off her new flowery body art anyway! Congrats Courtney, the flowers are cute, we hope you don't regret them in the morning! Thanks for sharing!
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