Many celebs like to paint their bodies with tattoos. Here we have gathered all our pics with celebs who have tattoos!
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Katy Perry & Russell Brand Have Matching Tattoos!

Thursday 7:11 AM, 17/06/2010
Katy Perry showed off her new tattoo while performing in Times Square yesterday! The ink work is identical to her fiance Russell Brand's and is also in exactly the same position on their inner arms. Both their tattoos read "Anuugacchati Pravaha" which means "Go with the flow". Ok well, there you go, we hope that's a saying that none of them will regret later, whatever happens.... We think they both look quite cool actually...what do you think?
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Super Stars Rocking Out in Lisbon!

Monday 10:51 PM, 24/05/2010
Lover her style! Tattoos! Sing it John! Shakira Shakira!
There is a massive music festival happin in Lisbon, Portugal at the moment! Yesterday was day 2 of the festival and you won't believe who performed all on the same day! Sir Elton John, Shakira, Leona Lewis and John Mayer! Wow what a lineup! Shakira even did a little bit of her famous belly dancing and we have to say, even though John Mayer is not our favourite guy he can sing and perform anyday! Take a look at some of the cool moments from the show!
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Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner Get Matching Tattoos!

Monday 5:11 PM, 12/04/2010
Having dinner with Brody's mom Linda Thompson! Getting inked! Why so shy?
Just weeks after rocker Avril Lavigne was spotted getting a late night tattoo with her ex husband Deryck Whibley, she was spotted in Las Vegas last night, getting a matching lightning tattoo with her current fling Brody Jenner! What is up with this? We think she is acting a bit nutty, but then again, it was in Vegas right?! We can't wait to see if this relationship lasts or not!

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Benji Madden Weighs In!

Saturday 10:23 PM, 03/04/2010
Benji Madden Good luck Benji! It's not exactly the body of a boxer! He does look intimidating though!
Paris Hilton's former boyfriend Benji Madden has every reason to be nervous this weekend as he is joining skateboarder Jason Ellis' Fight Club in Las Vegas and is set to tackle TV personality Riki Rachtman! Rachtman has already bet Ellis that he is going to knock Benji out but we hope Benji won't suffer any serious injuries as he is set to play with Ellis' band Taintstick after the tournament! Good luck Madden!
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Is Jesse James The Next Tiger Woods?

Thursday 8:36 AM, 25/03/2010
How could he do this to her?
Hollywood golden girl Sandra Bullock's husband Jesse James, as you know has been hit by a cheating scandal after a tattoo model Michelle McGee went public with their affair this week. But now it looks like this story is in danger of become a sex and cheating scandal, just like the shocking Tiger Woods drama late last year!

Friends of Jesse's are saying that Michelle was not the first woman that Jesse cheated with and that everyone at his West Coast Choppers bike shop knew he was cheating on Sandra a lot when she was away filming her movies. Already another woman has come forward saying she had a wild affair with Jesse while he was married to Sandra too and we are guessing their will be more women coming forward in the next few days! Poor Sandra, we hope she dumps him for good! (Source: USWeekly)
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Dave Navarro - Rocker Eye Candy!

Wednesday 5:15 PM, 24/03/2010
Rocker chic!
This is for all of you who love a bad boy! We spotted rocker Dave Navarro out and about in Los Angeles today looking super buff! He had obviously just been working out and he is was looking all gorgeous with his tattoos and muscles sticking out everywhere! We really have a soft spot for rockers don't you?
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