Celebrity Flaws Up Close!

Even celebrities have flaws! Whether it's Tara Reid's botched tummy tuck, Beyonce's wardrobe malfunction or Jessica Simpson's unevenly filled lips these are the pictures they wish we had never gotten a hold of!
Beyonce Knowles
Someone needs to sack their stylist! That dress isn't doing much for Beyonce's rack and is making it look like she has two and a half boobs!
tara reid
Not only did Tara Reid choose the wrong plastic surgeon to do her breast surgery, he also managed to botch her tummy tuck making it look like she's about fifty years older than she is!
Jessica Simpson
How about you visit your plastic surgeon and have him do the other side of your lip Jessica? Because that just looks ridiculous!
Jocelyn Wildenstein
We think this picture speaks for itself. Less is more...especially when it comes to plastic surgery!
Donatella Versace
We get it Donatella, you love big lips, but this is just overdoing it!
James Wilkie Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker
Maybe Sarah Jessica Parker should give her biceps a break. We can see every single vein SJP and it's not very attractive!
Lourdes Leon and Madonna
So this is what Madonna looks like when she isn't wearing any make-up! Somebody get her a make-up artist, asap!
Una Healy The Saturdays cellulite
Source: WENN.com
Una Healy from The Saturdays put her back into it on stage but she could probably have done with better lighting! She's still hot though!
Published Dec 1 -1 11:50 PM
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