Tara Reid

8 November 1975, New Jersey, USA
39 years

Guy Starkman, Carson Daly, Tom Brady, Simon Rex, Nick Carter, David Schwimmer, Mark Wahlberg, Steven Tyler, Tommy Lee
Tara Reid is an American actress who had her breakthrough with the American Pie movies. She is now more famous for her partying and botched boobjob than anything else.

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Jason Biggs Dissed 'American Pie' Co-Star Tara Reid!

Monday 10:02 AM, 16/06/2014
During his appearance on In Bed With Joan, Jason Biggs was asked who he would save and kill between Lindsay Lohan and Tara Reid. The 'Ameri...READ MORE ▶
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Top 6! Worst Dressed Celebs Of The Week!

Wednesday 3:05 PM, 03/10/2012
2. Do you remember singer Anastacia? We neither! She seems to still be stuck in the same place we saw her last time, the 90's! 3. Dear Tara Reid, you are tacky all the way. That mustard yellow dress and furry black coat don't do you justice, we are sorry. 4. No effort what so ever from Hilary Duff today. A fancy Chanel purse does not save your day! 5. White trash! Katie Price manages to look really cheap in.. a really cheap dress. Not ok! 6. OMG can someone take those snake boots out of our eye sight ASAP! Rihanna, they are awful!
There is something about ugly a** fur items that makes us cringe. This week model Agyness Deyn, singer Anastacia and what's-her-face Tara Reid all seem to think that it is the coolest thing ever. Sorry to tell you ladies, but those outfits take you straight to this week's top 6 worst dressed celebs list! Click on the pictures for more horrible celebrity fashion!
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Top 6! Fake Tans Gone Horribly Wrong!

Monday 11:22 PM, 10/09/2012
Paris Hilton, dressed up like a carrot? Tara Reid didn't really knew where to stop. Trashy, Katie Price! Even old man can do horribly wrong with fake tans! David Hasselhoff.
We've all been there. You're trying to get that super sexy Victoria's Secret tan, but instead you end up all orange looking like a carrot! Not. So. Fun. Some stars tend to look like this much too often, and we've taken a look at the worst fake tans in Hollywood. Click on the pics for good examples on how not to look!
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