Suri Cruise

18 April 2006, Los Angeles, USA
8 years

Suri Cruise is the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. She is known for having a really good taste for fashon given her young age.
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Katie Holmes Lost Shockingly Much Weight: "She's At 110 Pounds!"

Thursday 5:15 PM, 16/05/2013
Katie Holmes is wasting away, and she's lost an awful lot of weight lately. Rumor has it it's all because her "severe stress" about Tom Crui...READ MORE ▶
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7-Year-Old Suri Cruise Is Launching Her Own Fashion Line!

Friday 3:30 PM, 10/05/2013
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's daughter Suri Cruise has been recognized for her good taste in fashion, being only seven years old. Now she's ...READ MORE ▶
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Tom Cruise Admits He "Didn't Expect" Divorce From Katie Holmes!

Wednesday 8:45 AM, 10/04/2013
Last June Katie Holmes filed for divorce from husband Tom Cruise. Ever since, Tom has been keeping his mouth very shut about it all, until ...READ MORE ▶
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Suri Cruise Already Has Her Own Body Double To Trick Paparazzis!

Tuesday 8:05 AM, 26/02/2013
We get that it's hard to deal with the paps... ... but is really hiring a six-year-old the right way to go?!
Suri Cruise has been surrounded by paparazzis her entire life, since her parents are "pretty" well-known - Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. Now...READ MORE ▶
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Hey Katie Holmes, Suri Has Got Legs Too!

Thursday 5:55 PM, 03/01/2013
We spotted Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri Cruise at the Music Box in New York City, where she stars in a Broadway play. We know she loves her daughter more than anything (who doesn't?!), but she has got to realize that Suri has got legs too! She's always carrying her, but hey, she's six years old already! She knows how to walk...
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Baby Fever! Katie Holmes Is Trying To Have Another Baby!

Wednesday 5:13 PM, 14/11/2012
She wants to make Suri happy!
Ever since Katie Holmes split from her former husband Tom Cruise, she's been all about making her daughter Suri Cruise the happiest kid on Earth. A...READ MORE ▶
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