Suri Cruise

18 April 2006, Los Angeles, USA
8 years

Suri Cruise is the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. She is known for having a really good taste for fashon given her young age.
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Suri Cruise: A Shoe In On Set!

Sunday 2:12 PM, 11/04/2010
Katie Holmes is back at work and filming her new movie 'Son of No One' but still can't spend a minute away from her daughter Suri Cruise! Suri got to tag along to the set in Queens and seemed to fit right in! A future movie star perhaps?
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Katie Holmes Misses Suri!

Saturday 11:26 PM, 10/04/2010
Katie Holmes
We spotted actress Katie Holmes leaving Bloomingdales in New York without her usual shopping partner Suri Cruise and it seems Katie doesn't find shopping as fun without her daughter! Katie looked a little down and only had a Medium Shopping Bag with her as she got in her car!
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We Love Suri's New Shoes!

Wednesday 7:12 AM, 07/04/2010
Love them! So hot right now the leopard print! Too cute!
This is why little Suri Cruise is already a fashionista! She has the best shoe collection of any toddler we know of, in fact her shoes are more impressive than some grownup girls we know! Her latest pair, leopard print ballet pumps, are some of her best ever and it looks like Suri loves them as much as we do, because she didn't take them off the whole weekend, except for when she changed into her pajamas that have fluffy bunny slippers! What a little mini style icon!
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Suri Cruise Back in Her Finest!

Monday 8:11 PM, 05/04/2010
Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri Cruise Suri Cruise
As we saw yesterday Suri Cruise got some time off from her usual dresses and heels and was allowed to wear her pyjamas and slippers! It didn't last long though because Katie Holmes made sure to get Suri into a dress and ballet flats before the day was over! Are you sure you don't want to wear jeans and a tee sometimes Suri?

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Suri Cruise Isn't Wearing Heels!

Saturday 8:13 PM, 03/04/2010
It's nice to see that little Suri Cruise doesn't always have to wear a fancy dress and heels because she must get tired of it eventually! We spotted Katie Holmes carrying a tired Suri, who wore a nightgown and pig slipper, into Alice's
Tea Cup in New York yesterday to have a cup of tea! That's alright Suri, you don't always have to be dressed in your best!
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Katie Holmes Ready For Baby No.2?

Tuesday 11:46 AM, 02/03/2010
Good luck Katie!
More Katie Holmes pregnancy rumours! The lastest is that her husband Tom Cruise's Church of Scientology is putting her through their harsh "auditing" training and many think its to prepare her for her second pregnancy! Last week she spent more than 4 hours at the Hollywood Scientology Centre, the same as what she did just before she got pregnant with her first child, little Suri Cruise! How exciting if there is another cute little Cruise on the way! (Source:
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