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Monday 8:41 PM, 28/02/2011
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Milla Jovovich Caught Without Makeup!

Thursday 4:47 PM, 24/02/2011
She really tried to run from the cameras! Haha!
Every now and again we are lucky enough to catch a glam star out in the street with no makeup on. Usually its hilarious and makes most of us feel a lot bettter knowing that even celebrities are not perfect and hide some serious flaws with makeup usually. Today its Milla Jovovich's turn. We spotted her outside the gym yesterday with not one little smudge of makeup! Only thing is...she doesn't look all that bad! She is totally pale though!
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Will Kate Moss and Jamie Hince Ever Sober Up?!

Monday 4:40 PM, 21/02/2011
No wonder these two have lasted so long! If there is one thing that ex supermodel Kate Moss and her rocker fiance Jamie Hince have in common, its t...READ MORE ▶
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Irina Shayk: Hottest Woman in the World?

Saturday 10:44 PM, 19/02/2011
Kathy Leutner Jessica White Elena Baguci and Julie Henderson Kenza Fourati Genevieve Morton Alyssa Miller and Jessica Gomes Shannan Click, Jessica White and Izabel Goulart Anne V and Brooklyn Decker SI Swimsuit Edition cover girl 2011 Irina Shayk
Congratulations Irina! The 23-year-old Russian bombshell Irina Shayk was presented with the cover of the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition yesterday at the SI party at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas last night and didn't disappoint in her yellow and beige Hervé Lèger dress. Have you ever seen a hotter woman in your life?!
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Last Night's Wild Celebrity Party!

Thursday 11:03 PM, 17/02/2011
Finally getting into the car! Liam Hemsworth Juliette Lewis Oh no! Too much party?
Last night at the famous Trousdale Club in Los Angeles, was a big night for sexy celebrity spotting! Liam Hemsworth was seen posing for photos with fans and supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio was so tipsy after partying all night long, she dropped her designer fur coat on the sidewalk and then stepped all over it! What a night! Oh and look at Juliette Lewis' face, she doesn't look like she should be driving!
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Supermodel Moms - So Hot Right Now!

Wednesday 2:28 AM, 16/02/2011
Stylista moms!
Some things just never go out of fashion! Claudia Schiffer and Elle Macpherson are perfect examples of that! Even though their careers as supermodels peaked years and years ago, they are still always picture perfect and trendy, even when they are just dropping the kids off at school! Our favorite is when the two of them run into each other on the school run. Double Amazing!
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