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Supermodel In Disguise: Agyness Deyn

Saturday 9:01 AM, 09/04/2011
This bland outfit is so unlike her! We suppose she still looked sort of cute.
Whoa! We could hardly even recognize supermodel Agyness Deyn when we saw these pictures of her leaving a café in Primrose Hill, London yesterday. She has packed on quite a few pounds on her usually slimtastic body and there were no signs of make up nor her signature fierce style. She looked just like any other young British adult! Is it a clever disguise for the non runway seasons or has she taken a serious break from the fashion industry and everything that comes with? Time will tell.
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Eva Herzigova has a New Baby Boy!

Wednesday 9:03 AM, 30/03/2011
Congratulations to supermodel Eva Herzigova! She has just given birth to her second baby and he is also a boy, just like his older brother George who is now 3. The new baby's name is Philip and he was born in London a few days ago. The Dad is of course Gregorio Marsiaj, Eva's long-time partner. We wish them all the best!
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Do Kate Moss and Jamie Ever NOT Party?!

Wednesday 10:59 PM, 23/03/2011
Always fab! Obviously had a heavy night last night!
What is it that ex supermodel Kate Moss and her ex rocker boyfriend actually do these days? Hasn't his band broken up? Hasn't she basically stopped modeling now? All we see them do is party and travel and have fabulous holdiays! Yesterday we spotted the couple, who obviously had a late night, judging by the huge sunglasses in doors, getting onto the Eurostar from London to Paris. Probably for some kind of amazing fashion party. Don't you just hate them (not really)! We are so jealous!
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Jude Law is Hooking Up with Lily Cole!

Monday 6:26 PM, 14/03/2011
Just a few months ago!
Sienna Miller is not going to be happy to hear this! Her ex, Jude Law is not crying over their recent breakup, he has already started seeing someone new! The gossip in London is that Jude is hooking up with supermodel Lily Cole! Oh and get this, its not the first either! We hear that Jude and Lily had a fling while they filmed "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" together. This might actually get serious! Well knowing Jude, probably not too serious! (celebitchy)
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Jodie Kidd is Becoming a Mommy!

Monday 9:04 AM, 14/03/2011
British supermodel Jodie Kidd has returned to the UK after 6 months with her boyfriend Andrea Vianini in South America and she has some big news to share! She pregnant and due to have her baby in August. Jodie told the Mail on Sunday that she is very excited, especially since she will soon do the scan to find out the baby's sex. We hope its a little girl and that she looks exactly like her gorgeous Mom!
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Gisele Bundchen - Boho For H&M!

Saturday 12:13 AM, 12/03/2011
So pretty! Play suits are still hot - yay!
Supermodel Gisele Bundchen is the face of the pretty and fresh campaign for H&M's latest Spring/Summer collection. We think Gisele does Boho really well! We prefer it to her usual sporty look. Here are some of the pictures from the campaign. Do you love it as much as we do?
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