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Supermodel Miranda Kerr To Release Debut Song!

Monday 1:52 PM, 24/02/2014
Supermodel Miranda Kerr is preparing to show off her singing skills, as she's releasing her debut song in the near future. Kerr has teamed u...READ MORE ▶
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Supermodel Miranda Kerr In Severe Pain After Serious Car Crash!

Wednesday 4:59 PM, 13/03/2013
Yesterday supermodel Miranda Kerr was spotted wearing a neck brace, which made people wonder what was going on. Now it is revealed that the...READ MORE ▶
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Supermodel Elle Macpherson Is Engaged To Jeffrey Soffer!

Tuesday 8:51 AM, 12/03/2013
Supermodel Elle Macpherson have been dating real estate developer Jeffrey Soffer on and off for the past few years. Yesterday she revealed ...READ MORE ▶
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Rihanna Admits She's Amazed By Adriana Lima's Hot Body!

Friday 11:38 PM, 01/02/2013
Who wouldn't be amazed by this?!
Victoria's Secret angel Adriana Lima has been voted the world's sexiest woman several times, and now she's got the women's attention as wel...READ MORE ▶
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Who Wore It Best? Slit Dresses At The Red Carpet!

Monday 10:12 PM, 14/01/2013
Halle Berry? Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley? Heidi Klum? Or Eva Longoria?
Yesterday's Golden Globe Awards made the Hollywood celebrities dress up in all kinds of gala gowns. One popular thing we noticed was the slit dress, which four celebrities rocked the red carpet in. But who do you think looked better? Click on the pics for a closer look, and vote for the right winner!


Who Wore The Trend Best?!

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Heidi Klum Reveals Her Dirty Little Bedroom Secrets!

Monday 4:49 PM, 07/01/2013
She shared some dirty little secrets...
Heidi Klum is one of Hollywood's most desirable women, and she makes no secret of the fact that she loves everything that has to do with her sexual...READ MORE ▶
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