I Won't Go Anywhere Without My Ray Ban's!

Spring is just around the corner, and so is the season of Sunglasses. We've seen celebrities like Robert Pattinson and Rihanna that love their Ray Ban Sunglasses. Click on the pics and get some real inspiration for sunny days!
rihanna gray blazer ray ban aviators jeans shorts bangs blonde black turtleneck golden necklace bangles
Rihanna looks so cool in her Ray Ban "Aviators".
Robert Pattinson toronto airport brown bag beard cap black blue jacket ray ban sunglasses
Robert Pattinson has a cool pair of vintage Ray Ban's.
Nicky Hilton celine hand bag ray ban wayfarers green ballerina shoes black shorts square shirt middle part
Relaxed fashionista Nicky Hilton is also a huge fan of the classic Sunglasses.
Pippa Middleton green duffle jacket black ray ban wayfarers black jeans handbag
Pippa Middleton is such a lady!
Lo Bosworth ray ban aviators blue shirt having lunch blonde highlights
Reality star Lo Bosworth is having lunch with a pair of Ray Ban "Aviators" on.
Haylie Duff gym clothes ray ban aviators big balenciaga studded white tank top starbucks
Soon to be aunt Haylie Duff has a very cool gym outfit. Including Sunglasses, of course!
Rachel Zoe Rodger Berman son Skyler Morrison Berman black leather bag glitter cap red lipstick white blazer
No mom is as Trendy as Rachel Zoe.
Lady Gaga red lipstick blonde long hair see through catsuit high heels ray ban wayfarers
Lady Gaga's pair of Ray Ban's is probably the only thing we'd wear of this outfit.
ashley tisdale pink tank top wine red cardigan ray ban aviators sneakers yellow bag cap
Source: WENN.com
Ashley Tisdale with a large pair of Ray Ban "Aviators".
Published Feb 23 2012 7:04 PM
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