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Lady Gaga Ready For Museums!

Friday 7:21 AM, 02/07/2010
Students at MIT outside of Boston must have been a little surprised yesterday when Lady Gagay showed up at the MIT Museum next to the university to shoot a campaign for Cambridge-based company Polaroid. The popstar then left the museum in black car but not before stopping to sign autographs! The pictures will be unveiled at presented to the MIT Museum later this summer!
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Khloe Kardashian's Wardrobe Malfunction!

Thursday 7:19 PM, 01/07/2010
It seems it was getting a little hot at La Scala in Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon! We spotted Khloe Kardashian leaving the restaurant with her husband Lamar Odom at lunchtime and when she turned her back it looked as though the zipper on her black dress was only pulled halfway up! A new fashion statement or just a wardrobe malfunction?
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Well Done Rachel McAdams!

Thursday 2:59 PM, 01/07/2010
Rachel McAdams doesn't frequent Best Dressed lists very often but we thought she did very nicely yesterday! Rachel was spotted leaving her New York hotel yesterday afternoon wearing a cute purple skirt, matching sunglasses, black tee and a cool lightblue bag to do some shopping. Thumbs up!
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Get Back in Touch With Your Hairdresser Mischa!

Wednesday 9:01 PM, 30/06/2010
Mischa Barton probably has a great deal of free time on her hands right now seeing as she hasn't worked for months and in lack of anything else to do we spotted her visiting the Hammer Museum in LA yesterday, all by herself! Mischa walked around the exhibits and now and then she picked up her phone to check in with friends. Perhaps she also checked in with her hair dresser? One can only hope...
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This Week's Hottest Streetstyle!

Wednesday 3:23 PM, 30/06/2010
Angie Harmon showed us just how to rock a men's shirt this week when she paired it with ripped jean shorts and mirrored sunglasses. The floral Gucci bag balances the outfit and makes it look a little less masculine. Leg jewelry is seriously hot, whether it's the real deal or Chanel's rub-on tattoos. Lindsay paired her leg chain with fringed boots, hotpants and rows of Humanity bracelets. Watch and learn, it doesn't have to be harder than this. A white tanktop, black bra, jeans and clogs. Less is more, always. Trinny Woodall almost never gets it wrong and we just love this frilly beige dress on her. Just one thing, next time you were a see-through dress Trinny, make sure you don't forget to wear a bra...
These celebrities know that you don't have to follow trends to look hot! The trick is to make the trends your own which is exactly what Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan and Jameela Jamil did this week. Who knew a black party dress could look so good in the middle of the day or that clogs actually are pretty hot when you wear them with jeans and a simple white tanktop. Take a look at these outfits and let us know what you think!


Who got it right this week?

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Russell Brand on the Wedding Diet?!

Tuesday 5:08 PM, 29/06/2010
It's no secret that a lot of girls tend to want to lose a few pounds before they gett married but have the guys started wedding-dieting too now?! Actor Russell Brand is set to wed his girlfriend Katy Perry next year and is it just us or has the guy gotten a little too thin lately? What do you think, too skinny or just right for a rocker like Russell?
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