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Thursday 8:00 AM, 15/07/2010
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Newly Single Rachel Bilson Out and About!

Sunday 9:59 AM, 11/07/2010
Cute dress! I wonder what she's taking out of her bag?
Former OC-star Rachel Bilson was seen out and about in Beverly Hills rocking a cute black dress and hiding behind big, dark sunglasses! The star stopped to sign for a gay marriage rights petition and then proceeded to take something out of her bag...I wonder what that could have been? Maybe a pen or a donation of some sort? I guess we'll never know! At least actress Bilson isn't moping at home after the split with her on and off screen beau Hayden Christensen! The pair were engaged for quite some time, but at a recent movie premiere Rachel wasn't wearing her diamond engagement ring! Trouble in paradise! We hope she finds someone else soon! Personally I wouldn't mind seeing her back with OC co-star Adam Brody! Now that was a cute couple!
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Ashley Tisdale Does Work Sometimes!

Saturday 6:28 PM, 10/07/2010
It seems High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale spends most of her time having lunch with friends, hanging out with boyfriend Scott Speer or shopping in LA but now and again she actually does work! We spotted her arriving at a studio in North Hollywood yesterday with an iced latte in her hand, probably to go over scenes for her new movie 'High Stakes' which is expected to be released 2011.
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The Show Must Go On with Nicole Scherzinger!

Saturday 4:00 PM, 10/07/2010
Since England's sweetheart Cheryl Cole (or Cheryl Tweedy) is in the hospital being treated for a bad case of Malaria, Pussycat Dolls Nicole Scherzinger filled in for her as a judge on the X-Factor yesterday! Nicole was spotted arriving at the studion in Manchester last night before the show and we hope the crowd warmed to here even though they miss Cheryl!
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Sienna misses Jude?

Saturday 12:25 PM, 10/07/2010
Sienna Miller has been hanging out in Los Angeles for a while now but yesterday she hopped on a plane at LAX to fly to an unknown destination. Since she and boyfriend Jude Law have been apart for so long now we dare to venture a guess that she's on her way to see him! She looked great in any case in skinny jeans, cool black sandals and sunglasses!
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Victoria Beckham is A Pro!

Thursday 7:27 AM, 08/07/2010
Victoria Beckham can't even catch a break when she gets in her car! Yesterday we spotted her leaving her London hotel and head to her offices and as you can see she had a lot of trouble navigating through the crowd of paparazzi! We are however impressed by the fact that she didn't move a muscle in her face and pretended like nothing was wrong, what a pro!
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