What's Your Style? Perfectly Preppy!

Even though we love Shopping the different trends, we still dress a certain way most days, you know what we mean?! So we thought we'd highlight some of the biggest style and their Dos and Don'ts!

Ever since Gossip Girl we've been crazy about the preppy look. Before it was just penny loafers with pleated khakis and polos, but Blair Waldorf brought preppy to a whole new level. Preppy went from blah to hot with colored tights, headbands, fun heels, and structured shirts, so if you tend to dress preppy keep these Style Tips in mind!

-Shop the basics: white button ups, plaid skirts, heeled oxfords are all musts for this wardrobe
- Add an unexpected twist: colored tights, a neon head band, or a statement necklace help make a conservative outfit modern and Fun.
- Play with pattern! What we love about Blair is that she chooses well tailored clothes with a playful, bright pattern. Instead of the outfit looking loud and busy, she makes sure to tie it together (example: Blair in the green and yellow plaid coat with the yellow Handbag, green heels, and Pink and green floral dress!)

-Stick to sweater vests instead choose a fitted blazer, which is super chic!
- Go overboard. Preppy is a simple style, do a double take when you leave the house and make sure your coat isn't clashing with your tights and Shoes and hat (check out the picture of Rachel in the striped coat)
- Be conservative! While we give Rachel props for rocking knee socks, we wish she'd choose a different shoe (not loafers!!!) and leave the skirt, cardigan, shirt combo at home- boring!
Lea Michele Striped Coat Maroon Tights Yellow Shoes Leighton Meester Blue Striped Dress Hot Pink Shoes
Rachel looks humdrum boring while Blair looks perfectly preppy!
Sweat Vest Lea Michele Rachel Berry Leighton Meester Blair Waldorf Blazer Red Headband
Rachel is overboard with stripes but Blair manages to keep what could be a busy look chic!
kelly green coat neon yellow shoes leighton meester gossip girl style
Rachel's look is so boring, all shades of beige and grey. Blair brightens it up in a kelly green coat with hot, neon Shoes!
green and yellow plaid coat floral dress yellow hand bag green heels leighton meester
Source: WENN.com
We like that Rachel added color in her wardrobe but it's still so blah, instead choose bold patterns like Blair!
Published May 30 2011 11:00 PM
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