Style Tip: Its All About Bronze!

Summer time is all about shining and bronzing up your skin, but why not wear bronze too! Its darker and heavier than gold, its less sparkly, so we think it suits more different styles and is so versatile. Fashionista stars like Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller, Ivanka Trump and Peaches Geldof have all taken a shine to wearing bronze lately and this is how they did inspired below!
Alexa Chung bronze top black skirt pink bag Louis Vuitton
Alexa Chung adds a touch of bronze wiht her sparkly Louis Vuitton top.
Little Bootz bronze dress spiky belt clutch bag
Little Boots wearing the super Trendy fold over mini dress with a wide belt - bronze loveliness!
Kristen Bell white pants bronze top black blazer
Kristen Bell glams up a simple look with a bronze cami
Kim Kardashian bronze gold dress black bra hairstyle bangs
Kim Kardashian goes all out bronze godess
Anne Hathaway bronze sparkly dress
Anne Hathaway at the Alice In Wonderland premiere, rocking the trend
Ivanka Trump heaband gold bronze striped dress
Ivanka Trump has been wearing bronze and gold her whole life, she is a Trump afterall, its her dad's favourite thing - sparkle and shine!
Vanessa Hudgnes sparkly strapless bronze mini dress
Vanessa Hudgens is always on top of a trend and she always wears adjust it perfectly to her own style
Matthew Williamson Sienna Miller bronze belted mini dress red handbag
Sienna Miller goes darker bronze - fabulous!
Charlize Theron yellow and bronze dress bronze clutch
Charlize Theron wears a dress inspired by the Bronze Áge - a real sun godess
Halle Berry bronze longsleeve mini dress
The bronzed colour of this dress looks amazing on Halle Berry's skin!
Peaches Geldof bronze tunic heapiece handbag Ray-Ban
Peaches Geldof does it her way - we love this look on her!
Published May 28 2010 4:02 PM
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