Style Tip: Beach Dresses

If you want to feel a cool summer breeze - put on a cute little beach dress just like some of the stars! These dresses are thin, colourful and comfortable and spice up your beach look at once. Celebs like Kristin Cavallari and Ashley Tisdale are just some of who wear this look on the beach or the pool side! Take a look at the pictures and get some inspiration for the summer!
Kristin Cavallari patterned red and black beach mini dress
Kristin Cavallari in a cute beach dress!
Rachel Zoe patternd maxi dress beach sunglasses
Stylist Rachel Zoe in a cool maxi dress and big Sunglasses!
Matthew McConaughey and Camilla Alves orange maxi dress beach sunglasses
Camilla Alves wears a beautiful maxi dress to the beach. Here on a walk with husband Matthew McConaughey!
Courteney Cox blue mini beach dress sunglasses juice cell phone
Actress Courteney Cox sports a little blue mini dress and we think she looks pretty cute!
Halle Berry light purple maxi dress sunglasses
Hot Halle Berry in a light purple dress and big Sunglasses! Fantastic!
Michelle Hunziker transparent black beach dress bikini sunglasses white handbag
Michelle Hunziker enjoys a day of sunbathing in a black transparent beach dress!
Holly Montag green maxi dress beach racket ball
Holly Montag plays beach tennis in a green maxi dress and we think that she looks amazing!
Natasha Henstridge beach mini dress racket
Natasha Henstridge in a pretty little beach dress!
Paris Hilton blue dress with dots white big sunglasses
Paris Hilton wears a little more glamorous beach dress and the style fits her perfectly!
Ashley Tisdale white beach dress sunglasses black bikini
Ashley Tisdale in a white little beach dress!
Lindsay Lohan grey and white beach dress sunglasses bracelets
Lindsay Lohan relax on the beach wearing a nice maxi dress!
Published Jun 10 2010 4:05 PM
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