Simply Stylish: How Selena Gomez Got Justin Bieber!

Sometimes to be Simply Stylish you need to look further than just your closet. A little bit of make up can go a long way to polish an already perfect look! We think red lipstick is the perfect shade for both casual weekdays and dramatic dinners! For flawless red lips remember to first use a layer of chapstick and then frame your lips with lip liner, add a light shade of red over your lips and then blot! Muah!

We love how Selena Gomez has matched her red lipstick with a red dress! You might think it's a little too matchy-matchy but we think it's amazing! You could also put some red lipstick on with a casual outfit such as a white t-shirt, brown leather jacket and Converse, for that everyday glam! For special occasions wear a nice dress like Selena or if you're going to a party why not wear a leopard print playsuit? Leopard print with red lips is ferocious and fierce! xoxo

Red lipstick: (Maybeline) BymeBeauty
Red lip liner: Topshop
Leopard playsuit: Topshop
Brown leather jacket: H&M
White tank top: H&M
Black Converse: Asos
Orange bag: Topshop
Selena Gomez red dress red lips red lip stick red lip liner leopard printed playsuit t-shirt print black converse orange bag
Bring the focus on your face with red lips! Hot and fabulous!
Published Aug 18 2011 9:12 PM
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