Posh Picks! Must-Haves For Your Make Up Bag!

Up until recently our make up bag was over flowing, we could barely close it! Well, we just did a major overhaul and decided to keep only 8 items! Most make up can double duty as something else, like blush as eyeshadow or bronzing powder to help fill in your eyebrows! Check out the eight items we've decided to keep, hopefully it will inspire you to do the same!

1. Peach blush used as both blush and eyeshadow.
2. Bronzing powder for eyebrow powder and contouring.
3. A matte brown eyeshadow to use as a shadow, contouring, and eyeliner.
4. A whites shimmery eyeshadow, to use as eyeshadow, highlighter, and for the inner corner of your eye to help you look more awake!
5. Vaseline can be used as a primer for your eyeshadows, or as a highlighter for your cheeks, or just for your lips and dry nail beds.
6. A good black mascara! You can dip your angle brush in it and use it as an eyeliner if you don't have one!
7. Red lipstick is great for when you're in a hurry. It's the perfect shade for any occasion!
8. A great concealer for tired circles under your eyes and problem areas!
Lauren Conrad hot pink lips white dress blond wavy hair side tail
Nina Dobrev really know how to highlight her face, just a little less blush next time, Nina!
Shay Mitchell black wavy hair peachy eyeshadow
Lauren Conrad knows that lipstick can make or break a look!
Kate Winslet red dress silver and diamond bracelet orange lips sharp eyebrows
Shay Mitchell used a peachy blush as an eyeshadow!
Whitney Port colored shirt white pants long blond hair shiny lips
Kate Winslet lets her flawless skin glow and keeps those eyebrows really sharp!
Beyonce at the Beyonce Pulse fragrance launch at Penthouse (PH-D) at Dream Downtown blue metallic dress pink lips
Whitney Port has an amazing smile, just add some Vaseline on top of your lipstick to get the same look!
Hayden Panettiere pink lips blond hair silver dress
Beyonce's blush looks great!
Kim Kardashian smoldering eyes smokey eyes nude lips red dress gold earrings
Hayden Panettiere always puts some white pearly eyeshadow on the inner corner of her eyes!
Ashley Greene pink and gold dress brown long hair flat hair red lips bronzy eyeshadow
Kim Kardashian does smokey eyes with a great mascara!
Rebecca Romijn orange lips green eyes blond hair gold earrings
Ashley Greene looks great with that bronzey color on her lids!
Nina Dobrev white dress pink lips black hair braid high lighter
Look how flawless Rebecca Romijn looks!
Kaley Cuoco eyeliner straight blonde hair
Source: WENN.com
Cute Kaley Cuoco uses a great eyeliner to make her eyes really pop!
Published Oct 28 2011 2:12 AM
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